Public integrations / Greenkeeper


Get started with the all new Github Integration

  • Click on the green "Install" button in the top right corner.

  • You can then choose an organization and either enable all or specific repositories.

Choosing repositories
  • With a package.json file present in your repository you will get an initial pull request updating all your outdated dependencies. Only if you merge this pull request, Greenkeeper will send further updates to this repository. If everything is up-to-date we will send future updates without any action needed.
Inital pull request

Try the all new Github Integration

Greenkeeper brings you safety & consistency with automatic updates and real-time monitoring for dependencies. Let a bot send you informative and actionable pull requests and issues.

If you are concerned about access, we highly recommend whitelisting the repositories where you want to use Greenkeeper on.

The old oAuth Application based Greenkeeper will be disabled for the user or organization you're installing it on, so you don't have two versions running.

With the new Greenkeeper public scoped npm packages work out of the box, with support for private scoped packages coming later.

You no longer need the Greenkeeper CLI to interact with the service.


Greenkeeper is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms, privacy, and support documentation.

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