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Authorize Apiary to access your GitHub account.

Work together to quickly design, prototype, document and test APIs.

Collaborative API design with GitHub flow

Collaborate with your team to design and quickly prototype your future API.

With the GitHub integration you can edit your API design in Apiary and then sync your changes to the default branch on GitHub. This allows you to easily share and discuss your API changes with users on GitHub. With Apiary Pro, we support the complete GitHub Flow so you can propose changes or switch between branches directly from Apiary.


Beautiful API interactive documentation

Enjoy beautiful interactive documentation that reacts to every change you make to your API design.

Apiary provides you with a mock server, documentation and debugging tools that are automatically updated anytime you push a new change to your API design on GitHub.


Integrate API testing with your CI

Have some rest. Apiary also integrates with your continuous integration service.

Anytime you push a change into GitHub your API design can be tested against its implementation. Thanks to this, you can be assured that what was agreed upon in the design contract is being implemented. And vice versa – if somebody changes the design you will know whether your implementation still satisfies the contract.



GitHub Enterprise API management

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