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Let CircleCI help your team focus on making a great product. Speed up your test and development cycle to improve productivity without requiring one or more engineers to maintain your build and test setup. CircleCI's comprehensive feature set can handle everything from Docker to Rails to iOS so your team never has to spend valuable time on build, test and deployment infrastructure.

Get set up in no time

Follow your GitHub project from CircleCI, and setup your first build in no time thanks to CircleCI's automatically generated build and test steps and simple extensibility.

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Start free and scale without limit

Every GitHub user gets a free build container to start, but CircleCI can scale with you no matter how big your team grows.

CircleCI's first-class support for Docker, iOS, and Android, as well as countless other languages and frameworks, means you can use the same great CI and CD tool no matter what platforms you deploy to.

Speed and productivity

CircleCI can handle your test suite no matter how large it is. We divide up your tests intelligently based on average execution time and run an even workload on multiple containers in parallel, all on the fastest hardware available.

The quick and easy setup process will ensure that you get started quickly. You can acccess any build environment using SSH with keys you have registered with GitHub, and detailed test failure and debugging data will ensure that you can fix any failure in no time.

Seamless GitHub integration

Since CircleCI integrates with the GitHub Status API, you can see the status of your tests at a glance from any PR on GitHub.

GitHub Status API integration

You can also easily navigate back to commits and PRs on GitHub with handy links on every CircleCI build page.

links to commits and PRs

Of course you can also show off the test status in your project's README with a slick status badge! There's even a handy Markdown snippet generator that gives you the exact code to embed the image.

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Enterprise ready

CircleCI Enterprise provides the same great CI and CD tool as the public, but integrated with [GitHub Enterprise]
( behind your firewall.


GitHub Enterprise Continuous integration

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