Smart and simple project management for teams

Smart and simple project management for GitHub

Waffle is a free project management tool powered by your GitHub Issues and Pull Requests.

Interact with your Issues and Pull Requests from one or more repositories in the form of cards on a board. Plan, organize, and track work together as a team in a view that works for everyone.

Waffle Board

Simple Set Up

Waffle is built on top of the GitHub API, so the status of your work will always stay in sync.

When you create a project in Waffle, your Issues and Pull Requests transform into cards on a board. This friendly board view is built with everyone on your team in mind. Always know what's planned, in progress, waiting for review, and ready to ship.

Pick your favorite view: Cards on a Board in Waffle or Issues in GitHub

Team members can do work in Waffle or GitHub. Use the view that makes the most sense for the work you're doing at the time. Add, update, comment on, and close cards in GitHub, or in Waffle. View all updates in real time, regardless of where you do your work.

Multiple GitHub Repositories on a Single Board

Add 1 or 100+ repositories to a single Waffle board to view all of your work in one place. Public and private repositories can live together on a single board, opening up endless possibilities for public transparency.

multi repo

Track your work as you work

Waffle allows you to track your work automatically, eliminating context switching and streamlining your development workflow. Use cues in commits or pull requests to move cards across the board automatically. Move work in progress with the push of a branch. Connect issues and pull requests together when it makes sense. Close issues automatically when code is merged into the default branch.

For team members who prefer the simplicity of Waffle’s board view, updating status is as easy as dragging and dropping cards across the board.

Collaborate beyond code

Eliminate extra tools, silos, and meetings by inviting everyone (QA, design, marketing) to be a part of your Waffle board. Create repos for their work, too. Organize your work together across many repos, as a team.

On-premises Support

Install Waffle behind your firewall with our Waffle Takeout on-premises edition. Waffle Takeout integrates with your GitHub Enterprise installation and GitHub.com. Visit takeout.waffle.io to learn more.

Getting Started with Waffle

Waffle.io is free to use with public and private repositories.

Visit waffle.io and log in with your GitHub account. Select the repository you want to view in Waffle to instantly transform your list of GitHub Issues into a customizable board view, no configuration necessary.

Have additional questions? Drop us a line at help@waffle.io. We're happy to talk with you about your team's needs and share with you ways that Waffle can help.


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