Project Management Inside GitHub

Transform GitHub into a robust collaboration suite! ZenHub is an enterprise-ready project management tool that adds features right into GitHub.

Through a powerful browser extension, ZenHub allows your team to stay focused in the platform they love – without sacrificing the features you need.

Visualize your entire workflow


Whether you prefer kanban, agile, or your own flavor of workflow, ZenHub supports it all. Flexible Multi-Repo Boards enable teams to visualize entire projects without leaving GitHub. For projects that span across repositories, connect them here for an organization-wide view of progress. Powerful filters make drilling down easy.

Sprint forward with Burndown Charts and Estimates


GitHub issues are great, but ZenHub makes them better. Assign estimates then track your progress using Milestone-integrated Burndown Charts.

Turn issues into Epics


By adding a crucial extra layer of hierarchy to your issues, Epics make it easy to build and execute a healthy backlog. Track them alongside other work on your Boards.

Stay in the loop with ZenHub’s Slack Integration

ZenHub’s Slack Integration keeps you updated on key project activity across any device. Track issue progress, estimates, task board updates, and more.

Time-saving features that add up

  • A Rapid Repo Switcher
  • Move or copy issues to another repository
  • Set default pipelines for pull requests
  • Choose which pipeline translates into a Burndown Chart data point
  • Filter reports by GitHub Label
  • And much more

Using GitHub Enterprise?

ZenHub Enterprise delivers the powerful GitHub workflow features available on ZenHub, securely hosted on your own servers. [Contact us to start your free evaluation!](mailto: enterprise@zenhub.com)


GitHub Enterprise Project management

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