Modeling of the yeast Nuclear Pore Complex
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These scripts demonstrate the use of IMP in the modeling of the yeast NPC complex using diverse types of data as described in Seung Joong Kim, et al.'s 2018 NPC article published in Nature.

The scripts work with the IMP (version 2.6). A default build of IMP compiled with the IMP::npc module should work, but for most effective sampling, it should be built with MPI so that replica exchange can be used.

List of files and directories:

  • input_data_files contains all relevant data

    EMBD_final-yNPC_map_28A.mrc.gz : Cryo-ET density map

    Table1_crosslinks.xlsx : a table of all 3,077 chemical cross-links : SAXS source data (147 SAXS profiles for 18 different Nups) file used for assessment of the NPC structure

  • data_npc contains representation (PDB or rmf3 formats), sequence, MODELLER files

    protein_fasta.*.txt : Sequence for each Nups

    *.pdb (or *.rmf3): Representation pdb (or rmf3) files for each Nups : EM 3D density map for Nup192

    XL_optimized_ambiguity.csv : A subset of the chemical cross-links used for the refinement

    XL_Merged_wholeNPC_MLPs : A subset of the chemical cross-links used for the basket components of Mlp1 and Mlp2

  • data_npc\Inner_ring_rmfs Representation for the inner ring components

  • data_npc\Outer_ring_rmfs Representation for the outer ring components

  • data_npc\Pom152_rmfs Representation for the membrane ring (Pom152) component

  • data_npc\WholeNPC_rmfs Intermediate files

  • data_npc\XL_backup Backup of Chemical cross-links data

  • data_npc\em_gmm_model Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) for each Nups

  • data_npc\generating_em_gmm Python scripts to generate Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) for each Nups

  • data_npc\input_contact_frequencies Contact frequency data from the 2007 NPC topological model

  • data_npc\input_density_maps Localization probability densities from the 2007 NPC topological model

  • data_nic96 contains Nic96 complex-specific representation (PDB or rmf3 formats), sequence (*.txt), cross-links (XLs folder), and EM2D (Nic96complex_classes.hdf) files

  • data_nup82 contains Nup82 complex-specific representation (PDB or rmf3 formats), sequence (.txt), cross-links (.csv) files

  • data_nup84_2016 contains Nup84 complex-specific representation (PDB or rmf3 formats), sequence (.txt), cross-links (.csv), hhpred (*.pdf or *.webarchive), and EM2D (EM_image.png) files

  • pom152 Integrative structure determination of the Pom152 membrane ring - needed to be separate.

  • validation contains data not used in modeling

    • nic96_em2d fit of final Nic96 structure against EM class averages
  • results contains resulting structures and output files

  • template contains modeling scripts : Initial modeling script : Intermediate modeling script : Refinement script : Final refinement script : Clustering script using GPU : Initial modeling script for the Nic96 complex components : Refinement script for the basket components : Initial modeling script for the membrane-ring (pom152) component : Refinement script for the membrane-ring (pom152) component

Compiling IMP with NPC-specific module:

  • Clone IMP version 2.6
  • Clone the parent repository (npc) into imp/modules/npc/.
  • Compile IMP

Running the IMP scripts for the NPC complex:

  1. Inner-ring components (Nup157, Nup170, Nup188, Nup192, Nic96, Nup53, Nup59, Ndc1, Pom34, and Pom152 NTD)
  • Initial: template/inner_ring/ (running script for template/inner_ring/, generates "3IR_502_0.rmf3" (an initial model)
  • Refinement : template/inner_ring/ (running script for template/inner_ring/, which reads "3IR_502_0.rmf3 for the starting coordinate), generates "IR_865_0_final.rmf3" (a refined model).
  1. Outer-ring components (Nup82 and Nup84 complexes)
  • Initial :

  • Refinement :

  • cd template

  • python & > XX.out (on a single processor; prepend mpirun -np 6 or similar if you built IMP with MPI support)



Author(s): Seung Joong Kim

License: CC-BY-SA-4.0. This work is freely available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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