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package flaggy
// setValueForParsers sets the value for a specified key in the
// specified parsers (which normally include a Parser and Subcommand).
// The return values represent the key being set, and any errors
// returned when setting the key, such as failures to convert the string
// into the appropriate flag value. We stop assigning values as soon
// as we find a parser that accepts it.
func setValueForParsers(key string, value string, parsers ...ArgumentParser) (bool, error) {
var valueWasSet bool
for _, p := range parsers {
valueWasSet, err := p.SetValueForKey(key, value)
if err != nil {
return valueWasSet, err
if valueWasSet {
return valueWasSet, nil
// ArgumentParser represents a parser or subcommand
type ArgumentParser interface {
SetValueForKey(key string, value string) (bool, error)
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