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Email Notifier: no such file to load -- active_support/inflector #155

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JDutil commented Feb 22, 2012

Must include activesupport for email notificaiton or else mail gem via pony raises exception.

This is likely a pony or mail issue, but the mail gem appears to properly prevent this from occurring...

Adding activesupport when using pony email notifier to the Gemfile resolves this issue for me.

no such file to load -- active_support/inflector
/var/www/integrity/shared/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/gems/mail-2.4.1/lib/mail.rb 38

Did you have activesupport installed when you originally encountered this issue? If so what version?

JDutil commented Mar 3, 2012

I was using rvm and a gemset specifically for integrity so any versions installed shouldn't have been loaded. I was also using bundle exec rackup also so to start the server so that also should have prevented it from being loaded. I had found that line in Mail also when debugging which confused me since it appears this shouldn't be an issue.


In irb I am able to require pony with and without requiring active_support. I am also able to require active_support/inflector by itself.

Please try to figure out why the inflector require fails in your environment. I would start by looking at $: at the time of require.

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p commented Dec 3, 2012

Closing as a non-Integrity issue.

@p p closed this Dec 3, 2012
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