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So… you’d like to work for Integrum?

Please note that these tests all require some basic Ruby knowledge. If you don’t know ruby, take a few minutes to learn the basics. You will need to have Ruby, rubygems, RSpec installed, and Factory Girl installed.

In order to be considered for a position at Integrum, you must follow these steps.

  1. Fork this repository (if you don’t know how to do that, google is your friend)
  2. In the refactor-this directory you will find some Ruby code that needs to be refactored.
    • A test suite is included with failing specs.
    • Please refactor this code, this is real code we found in a real project that could be much more readable and intuitive.
    • Run spec helper_spec.rb to execute your specs and see if they are passing.
    • Please note: feel free to change the specs, but they should all be passing when you turn in your code.
  3. In the github-challenge directory, please create a Ruby script that accomplishes the following:
    • Connect to the github API
    • Find the rails/rails repository
    • Find the most recent commits
    • Print out HTML that groups the recent commits by author. e.g.

      Some Person

      • Commit: xxxxxxyyyyzzz
        Commit Message
  4. Add your resume to the resume directory
  5. Commit and Push your code to your new repository
  6. Send us a pull request, we will review your code and get back to you
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