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###Update : Added codes to profile MongoDB. You can profile not only mySQL queries but also quries from MongoDB as well in this profiler. To activate MongoDB profilling just use my MongoDB library for Codeigniter

###Snapshot Image of profiller

So the amazing guys at Particletree built this awesome php profiler and I thought I would share my mods of integrating it into CI. My code is a bit of a hack job but you should get the idea. Start by checking out the Particletree blog post at Reading through that will give you an idea of what the profiler can accomplish and how to log to its console.

The original, danmorin and my codes are released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.


  1. Make sure that hooks are enabled in your application/config/config.php file.

  2. Copy the files from the download to the corresponding directories in your
    application directory. Make sure you don't overwrite any of your own files
    if you've customized them. You may need to create the plugins directory
    under application.

    config => system/application/config
    libraries => system/application/libraries
    plugins => system/application/plugins

  3. Once that's done, anywhere you enable the profiler using
    $this->output->enable_profiler(TRUE), you should see the new profiler


  • The plugin is loading using hooks so it can be initialized before most of the
    CI system. You could autoload it instead, but you'd miss out on a lot of
    the CI loading process.

  • It's not php4 compatible. If you use php4 still, think of this as a
    fantastic perk you get once you finally upgrade. Oh and upgrade from
    IE6 while you're at it too please ;)


  • Images don't currently work correctly


This is a mod of the Particletree PHP Quick Profiler that can be used with CodeIgniter. Update : Now its not only profile mySQL queries but also MongoDB based quries



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