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OpenVINO ResNet_v1_50 example

This example illustrates how to use a pre-trained OpenVINO optimized model to make inferences with OpenVINO toolkit as backend using Analytics Zoo. We hereby illustrate the support of VNNI using OpenVINO as backend in Analytics Zoo, which aims at accelerating inference by utilizing low numerical precision (Int8) computing. Int8 quantized models can generally give you better performance on Intel Xeon scalable processors.


  • Apache Spark (This version needs to be same with the version you use to build Analytics Zoo)
  • Analytics Zoo
  • Set ZOO_NUM_MKLTHREADS to determine cores used by OpenVINO, e.g, export ZOO_NUM_MKLTHREADS=10. If it is set to all, e.g., export ZOO_NUM_MKLTHREADS=all, then OpenVINO will utilize all physical cores for Prediction.
  • Set KMP_BLOCKTIME=200, i.e., export KMP_BLOCKTIME=200


TensorFlow models cannot be directly loaded by OpenVINO. It should be converted to OpenVINO optimized model and int8 optimized model first. You can use PrepareOpenVINOResNet or OpenVINO toolkit to finish this job.

Sample Result files in MODEL_PATH:


Among them, resnet_v1_50_inference_graph.xml and resnet_v1_50_inference_graph.bin are OpenVINO optimized ResNet_v1_50 model and weight, resnet_v1_50_inference_graph-calibrated.xml and resnet_v1_50_inference_graph-calibrated.bin are OpenVINO int8 optimized ResNet_v1_50 model and weight. Both of them can be loaded by OpenVINO or Zoo.

Image Classification with ResNet_v1_50

python --image ${image} --model ${model}


  • --image The path where the images are stored. It can be either a folder or an image path. Local file system, HDFS and Amazon S3 are supported.
  • --model The path to the TensorFlow object detection model.


We print the inference result of each batch.

[ INFO ] Start inference (1 iterations)

* Predict result {'Top-1': '67'}
* Predict result {'Top-1': '65'}
* Predict result {'Top-1': '334'}
* Predict result {'Top-1': '795'}
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