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The recommended method to contribute is to fork on github, and then send pull
requests to the main project. You can open issues if you find any bugs/have
questions. If you want to work on a large feature then we suggest you file an
issue first so we can avoid dissapointments come merging time!
If you'd rather not use github you are more than welcome to send git formatted
patches to our mailing list which you can register for access
@@ -42,6 +43,16 @@ job. Few exceptions to coding styles:
Use common sense and don't be afraid to challenge something if it doesn't make sense!
Author Rules
If you create a file, then add yourself as the Author at the top. If you did a
large contribution to it (or if you want to ;-)), then fee free to add yourself
to the contributors list in that file. You can also add your own copyright
statement to the file but cannot add a license of your own. If you're borrowing
code that comes from a project with another license, make sure to explicitly
note this in your PR.
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