netlhx and Mani-Sadhasivam boards: add rock960 support
Signed-off-by: Hongxin Liu <>
Latest commit 4b22797 Jun 30, 2018
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aio aio: fix wrong max_analog_value and improve floating point value prec… Jan 4, 2018
arm boards: add rock960 support Jul 23, 2018
firmata firmata_mraa.c: Fix warnings in firmata code due to incorrect code Mar 5, 2018
glob Compile libmraa for Android and Brillo Dec 4, 2015
gpio gpio.c: Handle subplatform interrupts Jul 2, 2018
grovepi grovepi: grovepi subplatform support via i2c Sep 14, 2017
i2c i2c.c: added close of file handle on mraa_i2c_stop Jan 31, 2017
iio iio: Allow mraa_iio_trigger_buffer to handle void* args Aug 30, 2017
java java: Fix path to mraajni.c Sep 6, 2017
javascript docs: add additional validation for doc tools version Oct 4, 2017
json jsonplatform.c: properly reallocate memory for platform name Jul 1, 2017
led src/led.c: make sure we don't try to close a NULL dir Feb 3, 2018
mips Add support for MIPS-based boards Omega2 and Linkit Smart 7688 Oct 5, 2017
mock uart: add tcsendbreak support May 8, 2017
peripheralman docs: improve android things docs Oct 11, 2017
pwm pwm.c: Fix crash if pin == phy_pin_count Jul 20, 2017
python cmake: fix indentation on some messages for consistency Feb 7, 2018
spi spi.c: fix warning on syslog string format Mar 12, 2018
uart Add support for UART hardware flow control Sep 12, 2017
uart_ow uart_ow: prevent possible infinite loop in _ow_read_byte() Mar 13, 2017
usb Platform_extender: FT4222 library refactor Jun 26, 2018
x86 aiotdevkit: fix pinmap and add uart names Jun 6, 2018
CMakeLists.txt Platform_extender: FT4222 library refactor Jun 26, 2018 remove/explain 'do-nothing' blocks May 29, 2017
mraa.c Platform_extender: FT4222 library refactor Jun 26, 2018
mraa.i led: Add on board LED support Oct 19, 2017
mraa.pc.cmake pkg_config: Update mraa.pc.cmake to use new install dir Apr 12, 2016