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@JacekDanecki JacekDanecki released this May 24, 2019 · 148 commits to master since this release

Packages included in the release:

Components revisions included in the release:

Additional components revisions used in build:

Installation procedure on Ubuntu

  1. Create temporary directory


mkdir neo
  1. Download all *.deb packages


cd neo
  1. Verify sha256 sums for packages


sha256sum -c ww20.sum
  1. Install all packages as root


sudo dpkg -i *.deb

sha256 sums for packages

6815dbfce09a87f24d9169809bceb8ea2998b4c1b18c8d11c7f2e922bc6c24cc  intel-gmmlib_19.1.1_amd64.deb
4ba4b7daf62403f6607aee69845d22416a69e9442d05524811625e8a1ac19c9f  intel-igc-core_1.0.4-1880_amd64.deb
06c03751ece294df420bb1e5a2ccafc1f8f510c3bd34b3144f5e0dab716c0912  intel-igc-opencl_1.0.4-1880_amd64.deb
9340b92ce8f376ff71c5fb079adcbab986fe31fc7458d17a9601410ebc9d8633  intel-ocloc_19.20.13008_amd64.deb
e48b8333ee092e9dceefba6e07390ad125ada6379bb4f8067b5bbcd1cd0dae1e  intel-opencl_19.20.13008_amd64.deb

Quality expectations

Platform OCL Quality
Broadwell 2.1 Production
Skylake 2.1 Production
Kaby Lake 2.1 Production
Coffee Lake 2.1 Production
Ice Lake 2.1 Pre-Release
Apollo Lake 1.2 Production
Gemini Lake 1.2 Production

Unless noted otherwise, the driver was validated on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with stock kernel.

Quality levels:

  • Experimental - no quality expectations
  • Pre-Release - major issues or regressions; suitable for preliminary checkout
  • Beta - no known major issues or regressions; suitable for integration and broad testing
  • Production - Beta + meets Khronos certification requirements; suitable for production

Issues & regressions of note

  • Fine grained SVM is not supported in this release. Please see issue #34 for details.
  • For CFL platform i915.alpha_support=1 kernel parameter is required under Ubuntu 16.04.4 with default kernel 4.13
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