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This project will no longer be maintained by Intel.

Intel has ceased development and contributions including, but not limited to, maintenance, bug fixes, new releases, or updates, to this project.

Intel no longer accepts patches to this project.

If you have an ongoing need to use this project, are interested in independently developing it, or would like to maintain patches for the open source software community, please create your own fork of this project.

Contact: GStreamer-MSDK

GStreamer plugins for Intel® Media SDK


GStreamer-MSDK consists of a collection of GStreamer plugins for Intel® Media SDK (MSDK). This allows users to use MSDK in their GStreamer-based applications with minimal knowledge of the MSDK API.

GStreamer-MSDK includes plugins to perform decode, encode, video postprocessing (VPP) and high performance rendering. Please refer to README.USAGE for more information about these plugins and their usage.


  • Decode H264 AVC, MPEG-2, JPEG, VC-1, HEVC, VP8 and VP9 videos
  • Compatible with GStreamer-based video players such as Totem, Parole and gst-play through playbin element.
  • Support for zero-copy rendering with glimagesink using EGL
  • Support rendering using Wayland renderer
  • Support rendering using X11 renderer with DRI3 backend
  • Support X11 / Wayland rendering using EGL renderer
  • Support VPP acceleration of dynamic procamp control during video playback
  • Support for subtitles (text overlay) via MFX VPP surface composition
  • Support all Media SDK postprocessing capabilities as exposed by the MSDK API
  • Encode / transcode video into H.264, HEVC, MPEG-2 and JPEG formats


Software requirements

  • Media Server Studio 2016 Community / Professional Edition (Haswell / Broadwell)
    Media Server Studio 2017 Community / Professional Edition (Broadwell / Skylake)
    Media SDK 2017 for Yocto Embedded Edition (Apollo Lake)

  • GStreamer 1.6.x (tested up to GStreamer 1.10.x)

  • gst-plugins-* 1.6.x (tested up to GStreamer 1.10.x)

  • CMake

  • Renderers:
    Wayland (>=1.7)
    X11 (DRI 3)

Hardware requirements

  • Intel Haswell / Broadwell / Skylake with Intel HD / Iris Pro graphics
  • Intel Apollo Lake


GStreamer-MSDK uses the CMake build tool to build the plugins. Create a build folder within the source directory and run the CMake command to configure the out-of-source build.

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

To make a debug build:

cmake .. -DDEBUG=ON

To build the plugins for Media Server Studio 2016 Linux Edition:

cmake .. -DWITH_MSS_2016=ON

Only Media SDK 2017 Embedded Edition supports VP9 decode for now. To enable VP9 decode support:


For a list of more options when configuring the build, refer to the CMakeLists.txt file inside the source directory.

Next step is to compile and install the GStreamer-MSDK plugins:

make install

To uninstall the plugins:

make uninstall

If you intend to rebuild the plugins after making changes to the source code or you would want to change some of the build options after uninstalling the plugins, it is highly recommended to simply delete the build folder that you have created and repeat the build process as above.


Please refer to README.USAGE for examples on how to accomplish various video-related tasks with the GStreamer-MSDK plugins.


  • Microsoft® Visual Studio support for Windows 10 enablement


GStreamer-MSDK libraries and plugins are available under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1+.


This project is heavily based on the well-established GStreamer VAAPI architecture, hence we would like to publicly thank the GStreamer VAAPI developers for their hard work and contributions.

Reporting a security issue

Please mail to directly for security issue.


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