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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jan 28, 2023. It is now read-only.

Releases: intel/haxm

HAXM v7.8.0

27 Jan 02:59
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Change Log

  • Enabled XSAVE feature in CPUID (#472).
  • Enabled INVPCID instruction (#471).
  • Improved the implementation of CPUID module (#470).
  • Fixed a host crash issue caused by a regression (#469).
  • Improved the user experience of installer (#474).

Note: Up to this release, HAXM supports QEMU from 2.9.0 to 7.2.0.

Filename SHA-256 ce7bb20c389b93729f4748da033fb83660aef65420328469eff4577b2aaccb1d 44059b3ad33de87562ecd7a6c5a003dce96aa51506667752601467af7b328c29

CheckTool v1.1.0

27 Jan 10:39
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This is the updated release of HAXM Check Tool (#473). This release improves the user experience in below aspects:

  • Updated Check Tool command options
  • Enhanced the return value with error codes

Filename SHA-256 8bef0b107a415491e1f5f3704780445c025734a3a5937acb894cfe8c231faf44 671518b4411835c7abcc10b16595a254a733a2a94339ce98dc6aad3167d85d69

HAXM v7.7.1

15 Feb 03:00
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Change Log

  • Enhanced the security level of accessing HAX device on Windows (#421).
  • Adjusted the coding style of include path for all platforms (#429).
  • Cleaned up the legacy VTLB engine (#386).

Filename SHA-256 af6d82a046d1a382f2b0f2188a01b4dfa605190e96942c931ded27f4b52287fa b936f7247d1962d945d764a7cf2b698f71a98335ceda0848109fd947adbb2ec2

HAXM v7.7.0

02 Jun 07:50
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Change Log

  • Added a new IOCTL to enable getting CPUID features for guest VCPUs (#383).
  • Enabled all supported CPUID leaves to be configurable (#382).
  • Enabled several features in CPUID emulation (#381).
  • Migrated the CI service from Travis CI to GitHub Actions (#353).

Filename SHA-256 18dfc2edf3968acf20aea4cffdb2bddf7c448dca03e0b13ddf4fdf039e469a5a d3fb74ca55e5312fc1c10b850c46689ac723572453c1bb3ed3f47680c7f504b7

HAXM v7.6.6

07 Apr 10:30
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Change Log

  • Optimized the CPUID module and added support for setting two new CPUID leaves (#335).
  • Fixed some vulnerability issues of loading DRs and MSRs (#347).
  • Fixed some minor issues from static code scan (#351).
  • Fixed the download URL in the homepage (#348).

Filename SHA-256 b970149a0b9d4f65fdd7879a71a497929e758d9a173eb2363b9250e104c07f49 ba2ecae32acc4d635bf2b8edc2dffc0679076e0a74a707597b53291aa0fa4263

CheckTool v1.0.0

01 Oct 08:16
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This is the first release of HAXM Check Tool, a utility that is used to check the host system environment for HAXM. Its usage can be found in the README document.

It supports to check below system status:

  • Intel CPU vendor
  • Long (64-bit) mode support status
  • VMX support status
  • VMX enabling status
  • EPT support status
  • NX support status
  • NX enabling status
  • Hyper-V disabling status
  • OS version
  • OS architecture
  • Guest occupancy status

Filename SHA-256 f5394212b6fa695e30f99c632b6b0027d4fb7bbc92a3bd9e2d8415386b2b3cf6 f2fa43b5d96eed66e3d25d58fdb019adb8264c3db37e4b69b64cb8f56e9bdb12

HAXM v7.6.5

17 Sep 10:46
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Change Log

  • Optimized internal storage structure for CPUID feature set (#315).
  • Fixed a performance issue caused by a regression (#312).
  • Fixed some warnings from static code scan (#313).
  • Introduced a new installer framework for Windows.

Filename SHA-256 a773ca5386e22c795f5af1cfde501e5503e4540f6de762a4cc5e12997e448523 e05d1626d8fe40004bed7a3b09f0e977cb2b53ed713bebc17e1194b1c2dd0864

HAXM v7.6.1

21 Apr 12:40
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Change Log

  • Added a new IOCTL to enable setting CPUID feature for guest VCPUs (#277, #281, #282).
  • Enabled PAT as HAXM supported CPUID feature and added IA32_CR_PAT VMX handling (#204).
  • Changed to return deterministic cache parameters by host cache values (#204).
  • Cleaned up the legacy EPT engine (#261).

Filename SHA-256 3c9bca8c0fb1f4488269f2546a21925e841f07c973e11eda14c5d91073c07eb0 c8b6451c3ad9fa40ea2711cb3521a81227ec8c0c093bd1b278e65f9bde19260e

HAXM v7.5.6

20 Jan 12:41
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Change Log

  • Enabled support for running on the system with more than 64 host CPUs (#255, #257).
  • Improved the handling of undefined instructions by generating #UD exception (#247).
  • Improved the CPUID features initialization and processing logic (#245).
  • Updated the compilation configurations for Windows and macOS (#243, #244).

Filename SHA-256 fb03b055ea48de3f8d8fe719d3c87b38874dcb01b84affce1bcec72c341ec929 60d3cf486c005bea6099650ffcf9dfa6dd193914a986bf0b7aa017b94923a880

HAXM v7.5.4

29 Oct 03:23
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Change Log

  • Added VM pause support to fix the crash issue of loading snapshot (#239).
  • Fixed incorrect interruptibility_state to resolve an issue on loading snapshot (#233).
  • Fixed a bug during mapping memory slots (#237).
  • Fixed incorrect VMX_ENTRY_CONTROLS loading (#225).
  • Enabled PCLMULQDQ feature in CPUID emulation if supported by the host (#231).
  • Optimized the log interfaces and enhanced the logging mechanism on Windows (#215, #232).
  • Fixed the compilation warnings and errors on Linux (#223).

Filename SHA-256 7afca4cd2a7ac003db85d6f0749704ea64e302e285699a8c340b844fe54b2676 e5d2e07274e512ad2e6a17bb57476a122d336c741d1baf6b1c0e51929e787515