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@wcwang wcwang released this Apr 7, 2021

Change Log

  • Optimized the CPUID module and added support for setting two new CPUID leaves (#335).
  • Fixed some vulnerability issues of loading DRs and MSRs (#347).
  • Fixed some minor issues from static code scan (#351).
  • Fixed the download URL in the homepage (#348).

Filename SHA-256 b970149a0b9d4f65fdd7879a71a497929e758d9a173eb2363b9250e104c07f49 ba2ecae32acc4d635bf2b8edc2dffc0679076e0a74a707597b53291aa0fa4263
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@wcwang wcwang released this Oct 1, 2020

This is the first release of HAXM Check Tool, a utility that is used to check the host system environment for HAXM. Its usage can be found in the README document.

It supports to check below system status:

  • Intel CPU vendor
  • Long (64-bit) mode support status
  • VMX support status
  • VMX enabling status
  • EPT support status
  • NX support status
  • NX enabling status
  • Hyper-V disabling status
  • OS version
  • OS architecture
  • Guest occupancy status

Filename SHA-256 f5394212b6fa695e30f99c632b6b0027d4fb7bbc92a3bd9e2d8415386b2b3cf6 f2fa43b5d96eed66e3d25d58fdb019adb8264c3db37e4b69b64cb8f56e9bdb12
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@wcwang wcwang released this Sep 17, 2020

Change Log

  • Optimized internal storage structure for CPUID feature set (#315).
  • Fixed a performance issue caused by a regression (#312).
  • Fixed some warnings from static code scan (#313).
  • Introduced a new installer framework for Windows.

Filename SHA-256 a773ca5386e22c795f5af1cfde501e5503e4540f6de762a4cc5e12997e448523 e05d1626d8fe40004bed7a3b09f0e977cb2b53ed713bebc17e1194b1c2dd0864
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@wcwang wcwang released this Apr 21, 2020

Change Log

  • Added a new IOCTL to enable setting CPUID feature for guest VCPUs (#277, #281, #282).
  • Enabled PAT as HAXM supported CPUID feature and added IA32_CR_PAT VMX handling (#204).
  • Changed to return deterministic cache parameters by host cache values (#204).
  • Cleaned up the legacy EPT engine (#261).

Filename SHA-256 3c9bca8c0fb1f4488269f2546a21925e841f07c973e11eda14c5d91073c07eb0 c8b6451c3ad9fa40ea2711cb3521a81227ec8c0c093bd1b278e65f9bde19260e
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@wcwang wcwang released this Jan 20, 2020

Change Log

  • Enabled support for running on the system with more than 64 host CPUs (#255, #257).
  • Improved the handling of undefined instructions by generating #UD exception (#247).
  • Improved the CPUID features initialization and processing logic (#245).
  • Updated the compilation configurations for Windows and macOS (#243, #244).

Filename SHA-256 fb03b055ea48de3f8d8fe719d3c87b38874dcb01b84affce1bcec72c341ec929 60d3cf486c005bea6099650ffcf9dfa6dd193914a986bf0b7aa017b94923a880
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@wcwang wcwang released this Oct 29, 2019

Change Log

  • Added VM pause support to fix the crash issue of loading snapshot (#239).
  • Fixed incorrect interruptibility_state to resolve an issue on loading snapshot (#233).
  • Fixed a bug during mapping memory slots (#237).
  • Fixed incorrect VMX_ENTRY_CONTROLS loading (#225).
  • Enabled PCLMULQDQ feature in CPUID emulation if supported by the host (#231).
  • Optimized the log interfaces and enhanced the logging mechanism on Windows (#215, #232).
  • Fixed the compilation warnings and errors on Linux (#223).

Filename SHA-256 7afca4cd2a7ac003db85d6f0749704ea64e302e285699a8c340b844fe54b2676 e5d2e07274e512ad2e6a17bb57476a122d336c741d1baf6b1c0e51929e787515
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@wcwang wcwang released this Jul 30, 2019

Change Log

  • Added support for ROM devices (#213).
  • Fixed an issue by saving and restoring host flags before and after executing FASTOP instruction (#216).
  • No longer supported dual signing with SHA-1 hashing algorithm for HAXM driver.

Filename SHA-256 c14acaf3eb60848b99f202c577cc6dd403bcebd41015ca12a3898071867e32b7 20914a1dfac8f4ca7a6a9bf77998f7aa4075384fa88c883e3eb6666661821b81
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@wcwang wcwang released this May 24, 2019

Change Log

  • Fixed an issue where preparation of a CPU for entry into guest mode could lead to a host kernel panic on NetBSD (#168).
  • Enabled emulation of the CMPS instruction (#176).
  • Improved IA32_EFER virtualization (#188, #198).
  • Added support for stand-alone memory mappings (#197).
  • Enabled emulation of PUSH and POP instructions (#185).
  • Fixed misemulation of instructions that access legacy low-byte registers (#185).

Filename SHA-256 c210959abb03f96b08bff81676fa7df79bd0f6452962971da6570338c0717026 d3257c33677d808db66b1c17165704f56ce68a89777946067838afcdd54a54c4
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@raphaelning raphaelning released this Feb 2, 2019

Change Log

  • Added support for debugging guest code using breakpoints (#66, #81, #114).
  • Enabled/improved emulation of TEST and BT instructions (#104, #122, #135).
  • Added experimental support for Linux and NetBSD hosts (#108, #137).
  • Enabled support for running up to 64 guests simultaneously (#141).
  • Enabled some 32-bit Windows guests to boot under HAXM (#152).
  • Fixed a host crash issue specific to very old Intel CPU models (#101).
  • Fixed a potential Android Emulator hang (#161).
  • Other enhancements and optimizations (#117, #119, #145, etc.).

Filename SHA-256 5399f165e2dbb3f04a4e3bd26b62c9d3610b8cd729a976810589a502de6d9fbf 613c2ee9725af7febdb1b0adef0f8f487aa610f0fa4b75d89dad267145cd2293
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@raphaelning raphaelning released this Sep 19, 2018

This is the first release of HaxmLoader, a tool that helps HAXM developers test their own build of the HAXM driver on Windows. It is not meant to be used by end users. HAXM developers can find its usage in the README document.

If you get a missing DLL error, please install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017.

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