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@wcwang wcwang released this May 24, 2019 · 6 commits to master since this release

Change Log

  • Fixed an issue where preparation of a CPU for entry into guest mode could lead to a host kernel panic on NetBSD (#168).
  • Enabled emulation of the CMPS instruction (#176).
  • Improved IA32_EFER virtualization (#188, #198).
  • Added support for stand-alone memory mappings (#197).
  • Enabled emulation of PUSH and POP instructions (#185).
  • Fixed misemulation of instructions that access legacy low-byte registers (#185).

Filename SHA-256 c210959abb03f96b08bff81676fa7df79bd0f6452962971da6570338c0717026 d3257c33677d808db66b1c17165704f56ce68a89777946067838afcdd54a54c4
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