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Intel(R) Graphics Compiler for OpenCL(TM)


The Intel(R) Graphics Compiler for OpenCL(TM) is an llvm based compiler for OpenCL(TM) targeting Intel Gen graphics hardware architecture.

Please refer to for additional details regarding Intel's motivation and intentions wrt OpenCL support in the open source.


The Intel(R) Graphics Compute Runtime for OpenCL(TM) is distributed under the MIT.

You may obtain a copy of the License at:


Supported Linux versions

IGC is supported on the following 32/64 bits Linux operating systems:

  • Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, 17.04, 18.04


  1. Install prerequisites

Building IGC needs flex, bison, cmake version later than 3.4.3 and libz. You can install required packages on ubuntu 18.04 like below:

$ sudo apt-get install flex bison libz-dev cmake
  1. Download all dependencies and create workspace folder as below:
      |- igc                
      |- llvm_patches       
      |- llvm_source        
            |- projects/opencl-clang
            |- projects/llvm-spirv
            |- tools/clang  

This can be done using the following commands:

$ cd <workspace>
$ git clone -b release_70 llvm_source
$ git clone -b release_70 llvm_source/tools/clang
$ git clone -b ocl-open-70 llvm_source/projects/opencl-clang
$ git clone -b llvm_release_70 llvm_source/projects/llvm-spirv
$ git clone llvm_patches
$ git clone igc
  [If using specific release]
$ cd igc && git checkout -b tag igc_release_2019-01-15
  1. Under workspace create a build folder. For example:
$ cd <workspace>
$ mkdir build
  1. Build IGC using commands:
$ cd build
$ cmake ../igc/IGC
$ make -j`nproc`
  1. Install IGC
$ sudo make install

Supported Platforms

  • Intel Core Processors supporting Gen8 graphics devices
  • Intel Core Processors supporting Gen9 graphics devices
  • Intel Core Processors supporting Gen10 graphics devices
  • Intel Atom Processors supporting Gen9 graphics devices

How to provide feedback

Please submit an issue using native interface:

How to contribute

Create a pull request on with your patch. Make sure your change is cleanly building. A maintainer will contact you if there are questions or concerns.