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# Use this class in recipes which depend on other recipes
# or classes that might not be available. The class will then
# will skip the current recipe with a suitable explanation.
# The expressions that define whether a component is available must
# expand to something that Python considers as False (empty string,
# None, etc.) or one of the values accepted by oe.types.boolean()
# (0/1/True/False/Yes/No).
# Example:
# DEPENDS = "foobar"
# inherit check-available
# inherit ${@ check_available_class(d, 'meson', ${HAVE_MESON}) }
def check_available(available):
if isinstance(available, bool):
return available
elif isinstance(available, str) and available != '':
return oe.types.boolean(available)
return bool(available)
def check_available_add_missing(d, component):
missing = d.getVar('_check_available_missing')
if missing is None:
missing = []
d.setVar('_check_available_missing', missing)
def check_available_class(d, classname, available):
if check_available(available):
return classname
check_available_add_missing(d, classname + '.bbclass')
return ''
python () {
missing = d.getVar('_check_available_missing')
if missing is None:
missing = []
for component in (d.getVarFlags('CHECK_AVAILABLE') or []):
available = d.getVarFlag('CHECK_AVAILABLE', component)
if not check_available(available):
except ValueError as ex:
# This typically is a user error, like setting an invalid value.
# Without additional information about the exact component which
# fails, the error would be hard to find as "bitbake -e" also just
# throws the error.
import sys
tb = sys.exc_info()[2]
raise ValueError('evaluating CHECK_AVAILABLE[%s] = %s = %s failed: %s' %
d.getVarFlag('CHECK_AVAILABLE', component, False),
if missing:
raise bb.parse.SkipRecipe('some required components are unavailable: ' + ', '.join(missing))
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