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# Inherits image-mode.bbclass and in addition, creates one variant of the
# current recipe for each valid image mode. The variants have the name
# <base recipe>-<image mode>. Because it is uncertain what is needed,
# everything gets excluded from a world build.
BBCLASSEXTEND += "${@ ' '.join(['image-mode:' + x for x in (d.getVar('IMAGE_MODE_VALID') or '').split()]) }"
python image_mode_virtclass_handler () {
pn ="PN", True)
cls ="BBEXTENDCURR", True)
variant ="BBEXTENDVARIANT", True)
# multilib.bbclass checks with "if ... return" for historic
# reasons. Since OE-core 2.0, we are guaranteed to get called only
# when these values are set, unless the user made a mistake.
if cls != 'image-mode':
if not variant:
bb.fatal('BBCLASSEXTEND=image-mode must be used with parameters, as in BBCLASSEXTEND=image-mode:development')
# Rename the virtual recipe to create the desired image variant.
pn = pn + '-' + variant"PN", pn)
# Set the desired image mode and update the SUMMARY accordingly."IMAGE_MODE", variant)
summary ="SUMMARY")
if summary.endswith('.'):
summary += " %s mode." % variant
summary += ", %s mode" % variant
addhandler image_mode_virtclass_handler
image_mode_virtclass_handler[eventmask] = "bb.event.RecipePreFinalise"
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