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ixpdimm_sw [deprecated]

This project has been replaced by ipmctl located at This repo is not active and pull requests are no longer being accepted.

IXPDIMM SW is application-level software for configuring and managing Intel DIMMs. It supports functionality to:

Discover Intel DIMMs.

  • View and update the firmware on Intel DIMMs.
  • Provision the platform memory configuration.
  • Create and delete namespaces.
  • Configure data-at-rest security on Intel DIMMs.
  • Monitor Intel DIMM health.
  • Track performance of Intel DIMMs.
  • Debug and troubleshoot Intel DIMMs.

IXPDIMM SW refers to the following interface components:

  • An Application Programming Interface (API) library which provides programmatic access to the IXPDMIM SW functionality.
  • A Command Line Interface (CLI) application for configuring and managing Intel DIMMs from the command line.
  • A monitor daemon/system service for monitoring the health and status of Intel DIMMs.

Packages are available on Fedora.

Fedora and Epel 7 packages can be found at:

For more information please visit our project home:



Kernel 4.12 or newer is suggested

libndctl is required to build, packages can be found at:

The source can be found at:

invm-frameworks is required to build, packages can be found at:

The source can be found at:

All other dependencies are widely available. This includes openssl sqlite zlib numactl kmod sblim-cmpi.

mkdir output && cd output
make -j all
sudo make install

build artifacts can be found in output/build/linux/real/release

RPMs can also be built:

make rpm

The RPMs will be in output/rpmbuild/RPMS/

Build Windows