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@Sherry-Lin Sherry-Lin released this Apr 24, 2019 · 731 commits to master since this release


GmmLib intel-gmmlib-19.1.2
Libva 2.4.1

Supported Platforms


Key Fixes:

  1. Added missing CML device IDs.
  2. Added format Y410/Y210/AYUV and Main444/Main444_10 profiles for ICL HEVC decoding. (issue#431/issue#375/issue#417)
  3. Updated VP8 media encoding kernel in Gen9 for avoiding wrong partition number .
  4. Kept VP8 HW encoding bit-rate setting updated after reset bit-rate from application.
  5. Ignored decoding output status for JPEG because it is unnecessary.
  6. Registered reconstruct surfaces for VP8 encoding in Gen9.
  7. Added VA_RC_MB flag for low power HEVC encoding and fix GPU hang issue. (issue#361)
  8. Fixed dwNumSlice when destroy AVC bit stream buffer from application because of scrubbing playback.
  9. Enabled Downscaling and low power encoding for ICLLP AVC VDEnc.
  10. Added I420 format for JPEG decoding.
  11. Set sub-slice mask according to the per-context SSEU value for ICL.
  12. Fixed segment fault issue in JPEG encoding.
  13. Corrected partition lengths for MFD_VP8_BSD_OBJECT commands.
  14. Enabled AVC low power encoding BRC mode in ICL.
  15. Distinguished VA memory type from external buffer flag
  16. Enabled motion adaption BRC for game streaming and AVC low power encoding TCBRC enabling in Gen9.
  17. Enabled Clang build strict check flags.
  18. Added HME (hierarchical motion estimation) open source shader kernel for ICL AVC and HEVC low power encoding.
  19. Enabled ICL shader encoding for AVC, HEVC, MPEG and VP8.
  20. Added XRGB format support for video processing. (issue#534)
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