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# This dockerfile is specific to building Multus for OpenShift
FROM openshift/origin-release:golang-1.10 as builder
ADD . /usr/src/multus-cni
WORKDIR /usr/src/multus-cni
RUN ./build
FROM openshift/origin-base
RUN mkdir -p /usr/src/multus-cni/images && mkdir -p /usr/src/multus-cni/bin
COPY --from=builder /usr/src/multus-cni/images/70-multus.conf /usr/src/multus-cni/images
COPY --from=builder /usr/src/multus-cni/bin/multus /usr/src/multus-cni/bin
ADD ./images/ /
LABEL io.k8s.display-name="Multus CNI" \
io.k8s.description="This is a component of OpenShift Container Platform and provides a meta CNI plugin." \
io.openshift.tags="openshift" \
maintainer="Doug Smith <>"
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