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@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ If the runtime is cri-o, then apply these files.
$ cat ./images/{multus-crio-daemonset.yml,flannel-daemonset.yml} | kubectl apply -f -

NOTE: The pod cidr in flannel-daemonset.yml is You have to specify `--pod-network-cidr=` if you use kubeadm to install kubernetes
**NOTE**: The pod cidr in flannel-daemonset.yml is If you're using `kubeadm` to install Kubernetes, you may have to specify `--pod-network-cidr=` as a parameter to `kubeadm init`.
### Validating your installation

Generally, the first step in validating your installation is to look at the `STATUS` field of your nodes, you can check it out by looking at:

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