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Added tests to k8sclient.go (#357)

* Improved coverage of checkpoint.go to 96.4%

* Improved coverage of checkpoint.go to 96.4%

* Fixed unit tests in checkpoint_test.go and conf_test.go

* Removed unnecessary comments

* improved conf code coverage by an amount that is greater than 0!

* improved coverage, but line 144 of conf.go needs a look

* Added unit tests to multus and types, also fixed a bug in conf.go

* increased code coverage in multus.go and conf.go, also added bug fixes and formatting

* hopefully resolved merge conflicts

* addressed all comments in review

* changed 'thejohn' to '_not_type' for readability

* Added network status annotations section to quickstart and added more unit tests

* added more tests to k8sclient.go

* added another test to k8sclient.go

* Added new function to testing.go and cleaned up tests
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nicklesimba authored and dougbtv committed Aug 20, 2019
1 parent 9085c84 commit 7763f1593bfe98d62878e94c7bc379200c9a4bda

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