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Dockerfile build

This is used for distribution of Multus in a Docker image.

Typically you'd build this from the root of your Multus clone, as such:

$ docker build -t dougbtv/multus .

Daemonset deployment

You may wish to deploy Multus as a daemonset, you can do so by starting with the example Daemonset shown here:

$ kubectl create -f ./images/multus-daemonset.yml

Note: The likely best practice here is to build your own image given the Dockerfile, and then push it to your preferred registry, and change the image fields in the Daemonset YAML to reference that image. parameters

The entrypoint takes named parameters for the configuration

You can get get help with the --help flag.

$ ./ --help

This is an entrypoint script for Multus CNI to overlay its binary and
configuration into locations in a filesystem. The configuration & binary file
will be copied to the corresponding configuration directory. When
`--multus-conf-file=auto` is used, 00-multus.conf will be automatically
generated from the CNI configuration file of the master plugin (the first file
in lexicographical order in cni-conf-dir).

    -h --help

You must use an = to delimit the parameter name and the value. For example you may set a custom cni-conf-dir like so:

./ --cni-conf-dir=/special/path/to/cni/configs/

Note: You'll noticed that there's a /host/... directory from the root for the default for both the cni-conf-dir and cni-bin-dir as it's intended for the host volumes to be mounted specially under this directory to help in the semantics of which paths belong to the host or container.

Development notes

Example docker run command:

$ docker run -it -v /opt/cni/bin/:/host/opt/cni/bin/ -v /etc/cni/net.d/:/host/etc/cni/net.d/ --entrypoint=/bin/bash dougbtv/multus

Originally inspired by and is a portmanteau of the Flannel daemonset, the Calico Daemonset, and the Calico CNI install bash script.

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