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Thunderbolt(TM) user-space components

Build Status


These components are distributed under a BSD-style license. See COPYING for the full license.


Thunderbolt™ technology is a transformational high-speed, dual protocol I/O that provides unmatched performance with up to 40Gbps bi-directional transfer speeds. It provides flexibility and simplicity by supporting both data (PCIe, USB3.1) and video (DisplayPort) on a single cable connection that can daisy-chain up to six devices.


The user-space components implement device approval support:

  1. Easier interaction with the kernel module for approving connected devices.
  2. ACL for auto-approving devices white-listed by the user.


tbtacl is intended to be triggered by udev (see the udev rules in tbtacl.rules). It auto-approves devices that are found in ACL.


tbtadm is a user-facing CLI tool. It provides operations for device approval, handling the ACL and more.

Supported OSes

  • Ubuntu* 16.04 and 17.04
  • Fedora* 26
  • Clear Linux*

Kernel/Daemon Compatibility

The user-space components operate in coordination with the upstream Thunderbolt kernel driver (found in v4.13) to provide the Thunderbolt functionalities. These components are NOT compatible with the old out-of-tree Thunderbolt kernel module.

Build instructions

Build dependencies

Build dependencies are:

  • CMake
  • boost.filesystem
  • txt2tags (for generating the man page)

You also need a c++ compiler with C++14 support and gzip.

Tested with:

  • g++ - v5.4 and v7.1.1
  • CMake - v3.5.1 and v3.9.1
  • boost - v1.58 and v1.63
  • txt2tags - v2.5 and v2.6

For example, on Ubuntu you can install the dependencies with the following command:
sudo apt-get install cmake libboost-filesystem-dev txt2tags pkg-config

On Fedora, use this:
dnf install cmake boost-devel txt2tags


Use the CMakeLists.txt file found in the root directory to build the project. For example (run it in the directory holding the code):

  1. mkdir build
  2. cd build
  3. cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
  4. cmake --build .

On step 3, CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX, UDEV_BIN_DIR and UDEV_RULES_DIR variables can be used for changing the default installation location, e.g. to install tbtadm under /usr/bin instead of the default /usr/local/bin run:


Installation can be done in one of 2 options:

  • From build directory, run cmake --build . --target install.
  • From build directory, run cpack -G RPM to create an RPM package or cpack -G DEB to create a DEB package. Then, use your distro package manager to install the resulted package.



  • xdomain: added loading Thunderbolt networking driver automatically on XDomain connection
  • tbtadm: added peers command and XDomain is now shown in the topology output
  • tbtadm: added add command for adding to ACL database without approve command
  • tbtadm: fixed adding to ACL database in security level 0
  • tbtadm: fixed Coverity error reformatting string array initialization
  • tbtadm: fixed multi-controller topology tree
  • tbtadm: improved readability of console output
  • tests: added automatic testing in umockdev simulated environment with docker
  • build: remove unneeded libboost-program-options dependency


  • tbtadm: added --once flag for approve-all command
  • tbtadm: approve command added
  • tbtadm: bash completion support added (GitHub issue #27)
  • tbtacl: udev dir config variable default values are taken from pkg-config udev
  • tbtadm: handle empty vendor/device name correctly (GitHub issue #25)


  • Build definition updated to support configuration, installation and packaging
  • Documentation update (GitHub issue #23)
  • man page added (GitHub issue #9)
  • Fixes for documentation (GitHub issue #20)
  • Build definition updated (GitHub issues #21, #22)
  • tbtadm: Compilation warnings (GitHub issue #22)


  • First official release
  • tbtacl: use C++ instead of Python for write action (GitHub issue #19)

Eng. drop 2

  • tbtadm: more commands added (devices, topology, acl)
  • tbtadm: 'remove' accepts route-string, not only UUID
  • tbtadm: 'remove-all' prints removed entry count
  • tbtadm: future compatibility with xdomain changes
  • tbtacl: use sh instead of bash
  • tbtacl: improved error reporting (using to get the actual errno)
  • tbtadm, tbtacl, tbtacl.rules: improvement and bug fixes in SL2 support
  • tbtacl: fixed SL2 handling
  • tbtacl: don't assume errno(1) is installed
  • tbtacl.rules: correctly handle change with authorized==2 (for SL2)
  • tbtadm: correctly handle multi-controller systems
  • tbtadm: 'approve-all' - do nothing if SL isn't 1 or 2
  • tbtadm: 'approve-all' - add key on SL2
  • tbtadm: removing non-existing ACL entry is just a warning, not an error
  • tbtadm: File class reports errors more accurately for write() and read()

Known Issues

  • tbtadm should use a helper + polkit for better permission handling
  • error reporting can be improved
  • bash completion rules are less strict about completions than what tbtadm actually accepts


The source for this code:

Mailing list:

For additional information about Thunderbolt technology visit:

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