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@davidjrh davidjrh released this Dec 10, 2019 · 8 commits to master since this release

New release of the B2C provider with the following changes:

New features

  • Added support for multiple portal scenario:
    • Added a new "Use Global Settings" setting to allow all portals on the same instance to share the configuration settings and use the same B2C tenant
    • Added a new "Redirect Uri" setting to allow customization of the redirection after a user login
    • Added a Redirection Controller to handle the user redirection on multi-portal auth scenario
    • Added support for the special user claim mapping "portalId", to use it as a filter per portal.
  • Added new support for custom claim mappings: user mappings, user profile mappings and role mappings. All the mappings are stored on the database and can be customized per portal.
  • New user management module allows to manage Azure AD B2C users directly from the DNN interface, including the force password reset attribute (check "Samples/CustomPolicies/SignInWithForcePasswordReset").
  • Now the user and role prefix can be disabled, so user and role names are more friendly (works really well when using "emails" claim as "Id" on the User mappings).
  • When using JWT auth, now the user is synced in the same way than when using the web UI, even if the user doesn't exist (the user is then created and synced).
  • Added UI spanish and german (auto) localizations.


  • Cache is now correctly cleared out after a configuration change
  • User cache is correctly cleared out after a login, so the sync is done correctly
  • Other bug fixes

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