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- Added a DSL to detect when observable properties were changed.
- Silencing logs when running in test environment unless a level is defined in test environment configuration file.
- Added refresh method to be used when testing GUI parts (views) of applications.
- Conventionally named views are now registered automatically (i.e., for a controller named MyController, a view named MyView will be registered automatically)
- Added a new style registering of controllers, views and models, with option for registering main models (models which are already registered in the main controller)
- Connecting signals for widget types only if the widget isn't destroyed
- Fixed a bug which happened when copying properties from a observable when the destination observable property value was nil
- Added support to upload RuGUI to rubyforge.
- Updated README docs with new instructions for installation.
- Added support for gems dependency mechanism
- Updated README docs
- Added support to prevent root widgets of views from being displayed by passing false to use_builder class method.
- Created a find_child in QT adapter since QT's one is not working.
- Fixing a error when creating views which doesn't use builder files.
- Removed unnecessary requires in framework files
- Added support to Qt4 as well as GTK as backend GUI frameworks.
- Added a DSL to connect signals to controllers and views.
- Created a RuGUI::BaseObject which implements the inspect method for RuGUI related objects.
- Added some generators (for models, controllers and views with its resources).
- Added support for before/after initialize hooks for Controller, View, ViewHelper and Model base classes.
- Using Pathname to wrap Configuration#root_path. Now you can use configuration.root_path.join('my_path'), instead of File.join(configuration.root_path, 'my_path')
- Added a method to quickly get the main controller from any BaseController.
- Now the application generator creates a /bin directory with a bash and bat scripts to run the application
- Fixing a small bug with update_observable_properties method
- Added a method to update observable properties values.
- Added support to set initial values of observable properties while instancing an object, using a map (property + value).
- Added a method to get all observable properties of an object with theirs values.
- Using class_inheritable_accessor instead of using class variables for observable properties options in ObservablePropertySupport
- Using class_inheritable_accessor instead of creating fake class attributes in BaseView
- Added method setup_view_helpers in BaseView, so that one can register more helpers if needed.
- Fixed a bug where named observable property change methods were not being called when an observable property was changed.
- Added :prevent_reset option to observable properties.
- Added :boolean options to observable properties, which automatically creates 'question' methods for the properties.
- Added a method to copy all observable properties from one observable to another.
- Fixed an issue which caused observable properties not to be copied when a hash with string keys was given when creating an observable or when updating its observable properties
- Boolean observable properties 'question' accessors now can be used directly in if's
- Added plugins support
- PropertyObserver was receiving notifications from named observables even when the name of the observer was the same as the class name.
- Migrated tests from TestUnit to RSpec.
- Added application generator.
- Adding support to execute RuGUI application in various environments
- Initial Release, forked from RubyGtkMvc code.