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The home of open source content for the Minecraft community.


IntellectualSites is a Minecraft Software organization focusing on the development of map editors, world management plugins and other tools.

Visit us on our discord server to ask project related questions or to hang out:


Make sure to check out our Minecraft plugins:

  • FastAsyncWorldEdit - A Minecraft map editor that focuses on blazingly fast world manipulation for artists, builders and everyone else.

  • FastAsyncVoxelSniper - A modern continuation of VoxelSniper, the famous 3D map editor.

  • PlotSquared - A land and world management plugin for Minecraft that allows players to build in their claims.

    • Optional dependencies:

    • HoloPlots - Display the plot owner has 3D hologram.

    • PlotHider - Make your plot invisible to visitors.

    • Plot2Dynmap - Add markers to your Dynmap map.

Other notable projects:

  • Arkitektonika - Arkitektonika is a REST repository for NBT data. It accepts uploads of valid NBT data and stores them in a local folder while accounting for its metadata in a local sqlite database

  • Arkitektonika-Client - A Java client for Arkitektonika.

  • Paster - A library focused on collecting and assembling debug data provided from the JVM as JSON. Used in projects like FastAsyncWorldEdit and PlotSquared.

  • PasteViewer - A web service to view pastes generated by Paster.


  1. PlotSquared - Reinventing the plotworld

    Java 351 330

  2. Blazingly fast world manipulation for artists, builders and everyone else:

    Java 342 112

  3. PlotSquared dynmap addon

    Java 2 6

  4. Java client for the Arkitektonika API

    Java 5 1

  5. a REST repository for NBT data

    JavaScript 4 3