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Intellexer Java SDK

This is a Java wrapper/client for the Intellexer API

Getting started

Getting started with Intellexer API is simple, all you need to do is to create an account and grab your free API key from user dashboard or invitation email.


Use of the library requires Java 7 or higher and pre-installed Apache Maven.

To build a .jar file run:

mvn package

To skip tests:

mvn package -DskipTests

To install library to your local Maven repository run:

mvn install -DapiKey=YOU_API_KEY

where YOU_API_KEY is an API key. It's required to run integration tests. To install library without running tests run:

mvn install -DskipTests

Maven users

Add the following dependency to your project's pom.xml:


Gradle users

Add this dependency to your project's build file:

repositories {

dependencies {
    compile "by.effectivesoft.intellexer:intellexer-api:1.0.0"

External dependencies

This client has the following external dependencies:

  • Apache HttpClient 4.5.4
  • Apache HttpMime 4.5.4
  • Fasterxml Jackson 2.8.3

Test scope:

  • JUnit 4.12
  • Square OkHttp MockWebServer 2.7.5


Run the test suite with mvn test.


To use the API you need to create an IntellexerClient instance:

IntellexerClient client = new IntellexerClient("YOUR_API_KEY");

List of available text processors:

  • Clusterizer - Enables to organize, normalize, link, and process documents.
  • Comparator - Evaluates degree of similarity between documents.
  • LanguageRecognizer - Identifies the language and character encoding of input documents.
  • LinguisticProcessor - Parses input text and extracts multiple kinds of relations.
  • NamedEntityRecognizer - Identifies and classifies elements in text into predefined categories such as personal names, names of organizations, position/occupation, nationality, geographical location, date, age, duration and names of events
  • NaturalLanguageInterface - Transforms Natural Language Queries into Boolean queries, expanding them with synonyms and possible ways of combining and paraphrases.
  • Preformator - Extracts plain text and information about the text layout from documents of different formats and identify the structure and topic of input documents.
  • SentimentAnalyzer - Extracts sentiments (positivity/negativity), opinion objects (e.g., product features with associated sentiment phrases) and emotions (liking, anger, disgust, etc.) from unstructured text data.
  • SpellChecker - Finds and corrects spelling mistakes.
  • Summarizer - Creates a short summary retaining the most important parts of the original document.


Example how to clusterize URL:

Clusterizer clusterizer = new Clusterizer(client);

ClusterizeURLParams params = new ClusterizeURLParams.Builder()
ClusterizeResult result = clusterizer.clusterizeURL("", params);
for (ConceptTree child : result.getConceptTree().getChildren()) {
    System.out.println(child.getText() + " - " + child.getWeight());


Example how to compare texts:

Comparator comparator = new Comparator(client);

String text1 = "Hello, world";
String text2 = "Morning, beautiful world!";
CompareResult result = comparator.compareTexts(text1, text2);

Linguistic Processor

Example how to analyze text:

LinguisticProcessor linguisticProcessor = new LinguisticProcessor(client);

AnalyzeTextParams params = new AnalyzeTextParams.Builder()
String text = "Intellexer Summarizer has an unique feature";
List<Sentence> sentences = linguisticProcessor.analyzeText(text, params);
List<Token> tokens = sentences.get(0).getTokens();
for (Token token : tokens){
    System.out.println(token.getText().getContent() + " - " + token.getLemma());

Language Recognizer

Example how to recognize text's language:

LanguageRecognizer languageRecognizer = new LanguageRecognizer(client);

String text = "The good thing about this way of building objects of the class is that it works.";
List<Language> languageList = languageRecognizer.recognizeLanguage(text);
for (Language language : languageList) {
    System.out.println(language.getLanguageName() + " - " + language.getEncoding());

Named Entity Recognizer

Example how to identify and classify elements in text:

NamedEntityRecognizer recognizer = new NamedEntityRecognizer(client);
String text = "Walter Elias Disney was an American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor and film producer";

RecognizeParams params = new RecognizeParams.Builder()

NamedEntityRecognizerResult result = recognizer.recognizeFromText(text, params);
List<NamedEntity> entities = result.getEntities();
for (NamedEntity entity : entities) {
    System.out.println(entity.getText() + " - " + entity.getType().getName());

Natural Language Interface

Example how to transform natural language query into boolean query:

NaturalLanguageInterface languageInterface = new NaturalLanguageInterface(client);

String text = "That is a solution that automatically extracts sentiments";
String result = languageInterface.convertQueryToBool(text);


Example how to extract plain text from URL and information about it:

Preformator preformator = new Preformator(client);

String url = "";
ParseResult result = preformator.parse(url, true);
List<String> topics = result.getTopics();

Sentiment Analyzer

Example how to extracts sentiments, opinion objects and emotions from unstructured text data:

SentimentAnalyzer analyzer = new SentimentAnalyzer(client);

AnalyzeSentimentsParams params = new AnalyzeSentimentsParams.Builder()
List<Review> reviews = Arrays.asList(
        new Review("1", "Hello, world! It's been a great day."),
        new Review("2", "Intellexer Summarizer has an unique feature.")
AnalyzeSentimentsResult result = analyzer.analyzeSentiments(reviews, params);
for (SentimentSentence sentence : result.getSentences()){
    System.out.println(sentence.getText() + " - " + sentence.getWeight());

Spell Checker

Example how to perform search and correction of spelling mistakes:

SpellChecker spellChecker = new SpellChecker(client);

SpellCheckerParams params = new SpellCheckerParams.Builder()

String text = "Helllo, worlt. It's benn a great day";
SpellCheckResult result = spellChecker.checkTextSpelling(text, params);
for (String sentence : result.getProcessedSentences()) {


Example how to generate a summary of a document with its main ideas:

Summarizer summarizer = new Summarizer(client);

SummarizeURLParams params = new SummarizeURLParams.Builder()

String url = "";
SummarizeResult result = summarizer.summarizeURL(url, params);


This is a Java wrapper/client for the Intellexer API






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