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Subrion CMS

Semver compliant Join the chat at

What is Subrion?

  • Subrion is a Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to build websites for any purpose. Yes, from blog to corporate mega portal.
  • It is a powerful web application which requires a server with PHP / MySQL to run.
  • Subrion is a free and open source software distributed under the GPL v3.

Development Roadmap

We migrated our development to GitHub with the release of Subrion 4.x version. Please check our previous issue tracker here.

Updates are free!

Always use the latest version.


We appreciate any contribution to Subrion, whether it is related to bugs, grammar, or simply a suggestion or improvement. However, we ask that any contributions follow our simple guidelines in order to be properly received.

What you mainly want to know is that:

  • All the main activity happens in the develop branch. Any pull request should be addressed only to that branch. We will not consider pull requests made to the master.
  • It's very well appreciated, and highly suggested, to start a new feature whenever you want to make changes or add new functionality. It will make it much easier for us to just checkout your feature branch and test it, before merging it into develop

Please read Contribution Guidelines


  • Copyright (C) 2008 - 2019 Intelliants LLC. All rights reserved.
  • Distributed under the GNU GPL v3
  • See License details