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Provides abstractions for building, loosely inspired by Neil Mitchell's Haskell Shake library.

  • Like make, allows to express dependencies between targets and do minimal rebuilds. Unlike make, targets are fully abstract, dependencies can be dynamic, and you get the power of F#.

  • Entry points are Builder.BuildTarget, Builder.CleanTarget.

  • Rules is a rule set defining how things are built. It is a partial map from targets to recipes defining how to build them. Forms a monoid.

  • The elementary Rules value defines a partial map from 'Key to 'Value, given some appropriate ITargetable<'Key,'Value> constraints - serialization, equality, and so on.

  • Recipe<'T> is a monad defining build actions. Like Async, but you can also require targets which are build according to an implicit Rules. This gives recursive dependency resolution and dynamic dependencies.

  • When a Recipe<'T> is built, the end result together with a trace of all required targets (Snapshot<'T>) is serialized to the disk-based database. Subsequent builds of the same target lookup the snapshot from disk, and if it is still valid, return it instead of building the Recipe.