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Badgie Migrator

A SQL migration tool originally built for Badgie


Install the migrator tool either as a global tool:

dotnet tool install -g Badgie.Migrator

...or as a CliToolReference in your project:

    <DotNetCliToolPackageReference Include="Badgie.Migrator"/>


Once the tool is installed you can simply call it like:

dotnet-badgie-migrator <connection string> [drive:][path][filename] [-f] [-i] [-d]
  -f runs mutated migrations
  -i if needed, installs the db table needed to store state
  -d:(SqlServer|Postgres) specifies whether to run against SQL Server or PostgreSQL


dotnet pack -c Release

Creates the DotNet CLI Tool package in App/bin/Relase/badgie-migrator.{version}.nupkg

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