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Solidity plugin for IntelliJ
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Solidity plugin for IntelliJ

Build Status JetBrains plugins intellij solidity

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Current status

This plugin is in alpha stage.

You can support the plugin development by clicking ★ on GitHub and rating it on the plugin page


  • Syntax highlighting

  • Code completion

  • File templates

  • Goto declaration

  • Find usages

  • Code formatting

Reporting an issue

Please attach the screenshot for every issue if possible. It will make the issue much clearer and easier to understand.


./gradlew buildPlugin


./gradlew runIdea


Contributions are always welcome!

If you are only starting your way as an Intellij-Plugin developer, feel free to contact us, and we’ll help you with the IDE setup and guide you through the code so that you will be able to make your first contribution and fix that annoying bug that drives you nuts! And then if you are keen, you may dive deeper into the wonderful world of lexers, parsers, types, refactorings and code analysers.

For development documentation, see DEVELOPING.

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