Collects OpenStack Glance metrics
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This project will no longer be maintained by Intel. Intel will not provide or guarantee development of or support for this project, including but not limited to, maintenance, bug fixes, new releases or updates. Patches to this project are no longer accepted by Intel. If you have an ongoing need to use this project, are interested in independently developing it, or would like to maintain patches for the community, please create your own fork of the project.

Snap plugin collector - glance

Snap plugin for collecting metrics from OpenStack Glance module.

  1. Getting Started
  1. Documentation
  1. Community Support
  2. Contributing
  3. License
  4. Acknowledgements

Getting Started

Plugin collects metrics by communicating with OpenStack by REST API. It can run locally on the host, or in proxy mode (communicating with the host via HTTP(S)).

System Requirements

  • OpenStack deployment available
  • Supports Glance v1 and v2 APIs

Operating systems

All OSs currently supported by Snap:

  • Linux/amd64


Download the plugin binary:

You can get the pre-built binaries for your OS and architecture from the plugin's GitHub Releases page. Download the plugin from the latest release and load it into snapteld (/opt/snap/plugins is the default location for Snap packages).

To build the plugin binary:

Fork Clone repo into $GOPATH/src/

$ git clone<yourGithubID>/snap-plugin-collector-glance.git

Build the Snap glance plugin by running make within the cloned repo:

$ make

This builds the plugin in ./build/

Configuration and Usage

  • Set up the Snap framework.
  • Create Global Config, see description in [Snap's Global Config] (#snaps-global-config).
  • Load the plugin and create a task, see example in Examples.


  • It is not recommended to set interval for task less than 20 seconds. This may lead to overloading Glance API with requests.


Collected Metrics

This plugin has the ability to gather the following metrics:

Namespace Data Type Description
intel/openstack/glance/<tenant_name>/images/public/count int Total number of OpenStack public images for given tenant
intel/openstack/glance/<tenant_name>/images/private/count int Total number of OpenStack private images for given tenant
intel/openstack/glance/<tenant_name>/images/shared/count int Total number of OpenStack shared images for given tenant
intel/openstack/glance/<tenant_name>/images/public/bytes int Total number of bytes used by OpenStack private images for given tenant
intel/openstack/glance/<tenant_name>/images/private/bytes int Total number of bytes used by OpenStack public images for given tenant
intel/openstack/glance/<tenant_name>/images/shared/bytes int Total number of bytes used by OpenStack shared images for given tenant

Snap's Global Config

Global configuration files are described in Snap's documentation. You have to add section "glance" in "collector" section and then specify following options:

  • "tenant" - name of the tenant, this parameter is optional. It can be provided at later stage, in task manifest configuration section for metrics.

See example Global Config in [examples/cfg] (examples/cfg/cfg.json).

###Task manifest User need to provide following parameters in configuration for collector:

  • "endpoint" - URL for OpenStack Identity endpoint aka Keystone (ex. "")
  • "tenant" - name of the tenant, this is required if not provided in global config
  • "user" - user name which has access to tenant
  • "password" - user password If you're using authentication API in v3 you need to set one of those two configuration options:
  • "domain_name" - domain name
  • "domain_id" - domain name

See example task manifest in [examples/task] (examples/tasks/task.json).


Example of running Snap glance collector and writing data to file.

Download an example Snap global config file.

$ curl -sfLO

Ensure to provide your Keystone instance address and credentials.

Ensure Snap daemon is running with provided configuration file:

  • command line: snapteld -l 1 -t 0 --config cfg.json&

Download and load Snap plugins:

$ wget
$ wget
$ chmod 755 snap-plugin-*
$ snaptel plugin load snap-plugin-collector-glance
$ snaptel plugin load snap-plugin-publisher-file

See all available metrics:

$ snaptel metric list

Download an example task file and load it:

$ curl -sfLO
$ snaptel task create -t task.json
Using task manifest to create task
Task created
ID: 02dd7ff4-8106-47e9-8b86-70067cd0a850
Name: Task-02dd7ff4-8106-47e9-8b86-70067cd0a850
State: Running

See realtime output from snaptel task watch <task_id> (CTRL+C to exit)

$ snaptel task watch 02dd7ff4-8106-47e9-8b86-70067cd0a850

This data is published to a file /tmp/published_glance.log per task specification

Stop task:

$ snaptel task stop 02dd7ff4-8106-47e9-8b86-70067cd0a850
Task stopped:
ID: 02dd7ff4-8106-47e9-8b86-70067cd0a850


There isn't a current roadmap for this plugin, but it is in active development. As we launch this plugin, we do not have any outstanding requirements for the next release.

Community Support

This repository is one of many plugins in Snap, a powerful telemetry framework. See the full project at

To reach out to other users, head to the main framework.


We love contributions!

There's more than one way to give back, from examples to blogs to code updates. See our recommended process in


Snap, along with this plugin, is an Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 License.