Collects Intel Node Manager performance metrics
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This project will no longer be maintained by Intel. Intel will not provide or guarantee development of or support for this project, including but not limited to, maintenance, bug fixes, new releases or updates. Patches to this project are no longer accepted by Intel. If you have an ongoing need to use this project, are interested in independently developing it, or would like to maintain patches for the community, please create your own fork of the project.

Plugin status

This plugin is no longer being actively maintained by intel. Work has instead shifted to the intel-dcm-platform plugin.

snap collector plugin - Intel Node Manager

Plugin to collect data from Intel's Node Manager. Which is presenting low level metrics like power consumption, cpu temperature, etc. Currently it is using Ipmitool to collect data from NM.

  1. Getting Started
  1. Documentation
  1. Community Support
  2. Contributing
  3. License
  4. Acknowledgements

Getting Started

Plugin collects specified metrics in-band on OS level

System Requirements

  • Plugin needs to be run on server platform which supports Intel Node Manager.
  • Currently it works only on Linux Servers
  • Ipmitool needs to be installed on platform


Download Intel Node Manager plugin binary:

You can get the pre-built binaries for your OS and architecture at plugin's Github Releases page.

To build the plugin binary:


Clone repo into $GOPATH/src/github/intelsdi-x/:

$ git clone<yourGithubID>/snap-plugin-collector-node-manager

Build the plugin by running make in repo:

$ make

This builds the plugin in ./build/

Configuration and Usage

On OS level user needs to load modules:

  • ipmi_msghandler
  • ipmi_devintf
  • ipmi_si

Those modules provides specific IPMI device which can collect data from NM

There are currently 6 configuration options:

  • mode - defines mode of plugin work, possible values: legacy_inband, legacy_inband_openipmi, oob
  • channel - defines communication channel address (default: "0x00")
  • slave - defines target address (default: "0x00")
  • user - for OOB mode only, user for authentication to remote host
  • password - for OOB mode only, password for authentication to remote host
  • host - for OOB mode only, IP of host which will be monitored OOB

Sample configuration of node manager plugin:

    "control": {
        "plugins": {
            "collector": {
                "node-manager": {
                    "all": {
                        "mode": "legacy_inband",
                        "channel": "6",
                        "slave": "0x2c"


Collected Metrics

This plugin has the ability to gather the following metrics:

Namespace Data Type Description (optional)
/intel/node_manager/airflow uint16 Current Volumetric Airflow
/intel/node_manager/airflow/avg uint16 Average Volumetric Airflow
/intel/node_manager/airflow/max uint16 Maximal Volumetric Airflow
/intel/node_manager/airflow/min uint16 Minimal Volumetric Airflow
/intel/node_manager/cups/cpu_cstate uint16 CUPS CPU Bandwidth
/intel/node_manager/cups/io_bandwith uint16 CUPS I/O Bandwidth
/intel/node_manager/cups/memory_bandwith uint16 CUPS Memory Bandwidth
/intel/node_manager/power/cpu uint16 Current CPU power consumption
/intel/node_manager/power/cpu/avg uint16 Average CPU power consumption
/intel/node_manager/power/cpu/max uint16 Maximal CPU power consumption
/intel/node_manager/power/cpu/min uint16 Minimal CPU power consumption
/intel/node_manager/power/policy/power_limit uint16 Power policy
/intel/node_manager/margin/cpu/tj uint16 Margin-to-throttle functional (CPU)
/intel/node_manager/margin/cpu/tj/margin_offset uint16 Margin-to-spec reliability (CPU)
/intel/node_manager/power/memory uint16 Current Memory power consumption
/intel/node_manager/power/memory/avg uint16 Average Memory power consumption
/intel/node_manager/power/memory/max uint16 Maximal Memory power consumption
/intel/node_manager/power/memory/min uint16 Minimal Memory power consumption
/intel/node_manager/power/system uint16 Current Platform power consumption
/intel/node_manager/power/system/avg uint16 Average Platform power consumption
/intel/node_manager/power/system/max uint16 Maximal Platform power consumption
/intel/node_manager/power/system/min uint16 Minimal Platform power consumption
/intel/node_manager/temperature/cpu/cpu/<cpu_id> uint16 Current CPU temperature
/intel/node_manager/temperature/pmbus/VR/<VR_id> uint16 Current VR's temperature
/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/<dimm_id> uint16 Current Memory dimms temperature
/intel/node_manager/temperature/outlet uint16 Current Outlet (exhaust air) temperature
/intel/node_manager/temperature/outlet/avg uint16 Average Outlet (exhaust air) temperature
/intel/node_manager/temperature/outlet/max uint16 Maximal Outlet (exhaust air) temperature
/intel/node_manager/temperature/outlet/min uint16 Minimal Outlet (exhaust air) temperature
/intel/node_manager/temperature/inlet uint16 Current Inlet Temperature
/intel/node_manager/temperature/inlet/avg uint16 Average Inlet Temperature
/intel/node_manager/temperature/inlet/max uint16 Maximal Inlet Temperature
/intel/node_manager/temperature/inlet/min uint16 Minimal Inlet Temperature

Metric Tags

Namespace Tag Description
/intel/node_manager/* source Host IP address


Example task manifest to use Intel Node Manager plugin:

    "version": 1,
    "schedule": {
        "type": "simple",
        "interval": "5s"
    "workflow": {
        "collect": {
            "metrics": {
                "/intel/node_manager/airflow": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/airflow/avg": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/airflow/max": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/airflow/min": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/cups/cpu_cstate": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/cups/io_bandwith": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/cups/memory_bandwith": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/margin/cpu/tj": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/margin/cpu/tj/margin_offset": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/power/cpu": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/power/cpu/avg": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/power/cpu/max": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/power/cpu/min": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/power/memory": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/power/memory/avg": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/power/memory/max": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/power/memory/min": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/power/system": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/power/system/avg": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/power/system/max": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/power/system/min": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/cpu/cpu/0": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/cpu/cpu/1": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/0": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/1": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/10": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/11": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/12": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/13": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/14": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/15": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/16": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/17": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/18": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/19": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/2": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/20": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/21": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/22": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/23": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/24": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/25": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/26": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/27": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/28": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/29": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/3": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/30": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/31": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/4": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/5": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/6": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/7": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/8": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/memory/dimm/9": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/outlet": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/outlet/avg": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/outlet/max": {},
                "/intel/node_manager/temperature/outlet/min": {}
            "config": {
            "process": null,
            "publish": [
                    "plugin_name": "file",
                    "plugin_version": 2,
                    "config": {
                        "file": "/tmp/published"

Community Support

This repository is one of many plugins in Snap, a powerful telemetry framework. See the full project at To reach out to other users, head to the main framework


We love contributions!

There's more than one way to give back, from examples to blogs to code updates. See our recommended process in


Snap, along with this plugin, is an Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 License.


And thank you! Your contribution, through code and participation, is incredibly important to us.