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Snap is simple in scope and it becomes more simple when you know the terminology we use throughout the project. Here they are:

Config: Global Config

  • Values loaded at runtime of the daemon (reference)

Config: Global Options

  • Values passed as command-line parameters or environmental variables (reference)

Config: Metric Config

  • key/value pairs shared by collector namespace in a Task Manifest (example)

Config: Plugin Config

  • key/value pairs stored in the config block within a Task Manifest (example)

Metric Catalog

  • List of all available metrics exposed by a running instance of the Snap daemon (reference)

Metric: Dynamic

  • A metric is described as dynamic when it includes one or more wildcards in its namespace (reference)

Metric: Namespace

  • Namespaces are a series of namespace elements that uniquely identify a metric in Snap (reference)

Metric: Dynamic Namespace Element

  • An element of a metric whose value is set at runtime (reference)

Metric: Static Namespace Element

  • An element of a metric whose value is set at load time (reference)


Plugin Status

  • An indicator of whether a plugin meets the maintainer's recommendations for best practices (see Plugin Status)

Plugin Type: Collector

  • Gathers data and presents as a dynamically-generated namespaced metric catalog (reference)

Plugin Type: Processor

  • Extends or filters collected metrics (reference)

Plugin Type: Publisher

  • Persists metrics into a target endpoint (reference)


  • The project name, focused on the Snap daemon and the plugins that power its collection, processing and publishing of telemetry

Snap Telemetry

  • The full name of the Snap project, used mostly for easy searching (like or hashtag (#SnapTelemetry)


  • The command-line interface (CLI) for Snap, released as a binary



  • A job running within Snap, including the API version, schedule and workflow (all documented here)

Task Manifest

  • A file that includes the API version, schedule and workflow of a Task in a declarative form (reference)


  • The clustering feature of Snap, documented here


  • The explicit map of how collectors, processors and publishers are used in Snap (reference)

Workflow: Distributed

  • A workflow where one or more steps have a remote target specified (reference)

Workflow Manifest