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Among our many awesome contributors, Snap has a great team of maintainers. Maintainers are expected to have a solid understanding of Snap and are here to help guide Snap, the plugins and the community forward in a positive direction.

All maintainers and members of the community are expected to be helpful and encouraging. Treating everyone with a high level of professionalism and respect is a top priority for us. See our CODE_OF_CONDUCT for further explanation of our policies.

If you're interested in joining the team as a maintainer, check out the becoming a maintainer section of our README.

Technical Lead: Izabella Raulin (@IzabellaRaulin)

While our maintainers guide Snap, the plugins, and the community forward in a positive direction, our technical lead, Izabella, is the key decision maker and leader for all of us. If there is ever a debate within the project, Izabella is the tiebreaker.

Snap Maintainers

Below is the list of Snap Maintainers, they are largely responsible for approving pull requests and thus have the final say on coding style and implementation.

Name Tag
Andrzej Kuriata @andrzej-k
Emily Gu @candysmurf
Fengfeng Tao @taotod
Izabella Raulin @IzabellaRaulin
Jialei Wang @WangJialei-A
Joel Cooklin @jcooklin
Katarzyna Kujawa @katarzyna-z
Kelly Lyon @kjlyon
Klaudiusz Dembler @kdembler
Lukasz Mroz @lmroz
Marcin Krolik @marcin-krolik
Marcin Olszewski @marcintao
Marcin Spoczynski @sandlbn
Maria Rolbiecka @mkuculyma
Mateusz Kleina @mkleina
Matt Broberg @mbbroberg
Patryk Matyjasek @PatrykMatyjasek
Rashmi Gottipati @rashmigottipati

Responsibilities of Snap Maintainers

Maintainers are expected to contribute regularly in at least one of the following capacities:

  • Direction/Design: Meaningfully contributing to RFC or design comments
  • Code Contributions: Submitting pull requests for either bug fixes or features
  • Support: Active participation in a support role in some form (code reviews, addressing questions, triaging issues)

Maintainer participation is measured by activity visible on their GitHub overview page (example) and in our public Slack. If a maintainer is consistently unable to perform the above actions they will be asked to withdraw from the maintainer group. This does not preclude them from becoming a maintainer at a later date.

Initial Authors

All contributors are equally important to us, but we would like to thank the initial authors for helping make open sourcing Snap possible.

Contact Us

Contacting us is easy! Use these simple tips for the most effective communication with us.

  • For a quick question: reach out to us on Slack. You can search by GitHub handles and ping individual users, start a group conversation, and post to the Snap community. Maintainers check this regularly and will be the fastest way of contacting us.
  • If you find a bug in the code or have a question about some code: go ahead and open up a GitHub issue. This will start a dialog. If you don't know how to solve the issue we will pick it up and help fix the bug.
  • To get a specific person's attention: @mention them in an issue and they will get back to you.
  • For plugin related issues: contact the plugin's author or reach out to a maintainer.