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Intel® X86 Encoder Decoder (Intel® XED)

Doxygen API manual and source build manual:


Abbreviated GITHUB building instructions:

git clone xed
git clone mbuild
cd xed

Then get your libxed.a/ (Linux) or xed.lib (Windows) from the obj directory. Add " --shared" if you want a shared object build. Add " install" if you want the headers & libraries put in to a kit in the "kits" directory. Add "C:/python3/python " before "./" if on windows.

How to build the examples:

There are two options:

  1. When building libxed you can also build the examples, from the main directory (above examples):
./ examples

and the compiled examples will be in obj/examples.

  1. Build a compiled "kit" and the build the examples from within the kit:
./ install
cd kits
cd <whatever the kit is called>
cd examples

See source build documentation for more information.

Binary size?

Concerned about large libraries or binaries? There are several options:

  1. Consider building with "--limit-strings"
  2. Strip the binaries
  3. Consider doing an encoder-only or decoder-only build if you only need one or the other.

Contribute to Intel® XED:

In order to contribute, please:

  1. Read the Contribution Agreement
  2. Sign your commit message to show your agreement
  3. Submit a Pull-Request