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-- XMOS MPlayer Modification--

MPlayer is an open source movie player availiable under the GNU General Public License version 2.

The homepage of the project is

XMOS have modified this project to add support for streaming of raw video over the UDP protocol.

--Download and Patch Instructions--

The MPlayer directory contains a snapshot of the MPlayer SVN source tree which has been patched with the XMOS UDP modification.

To update and patch a newer version of player, follow these instructions:
- Download the MPlayer source from a snapshot on or using SVN:
- "svn checkout svn:// mplayer"
- Patch the MPlayer source by changing directory to the newly created 'mplayer' directory, and executing "patch -p1 -i ../patch/xudp.patch".

--Build Instructions--


To build MPlayer on Windows, MinGW is required. Download and install MinGW and MSYS from "".

-All Platforms-

cd src
./configure --enable-xudp
make -j 3

--Directory Structure--

-->macos            MPlayer binary for MAC OS
-->microsoft        MPlayer binary for Windows
->patch             Patch file for MPlayer source tree
->src               Patched MPlayer Snapshot