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Interactive Cube is a project born for the #MTFScandi #Hackathon. It is an interactive cube display for manipulating audio. The cube is composed by 5 led displays which show the projection of a sphere on each side of the cube. The position of the sphere within the cube depends on the position of the cube tracked using the Riot device (http://ism…
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Interactive Cube is a project, by Balandino Di Donato and Per-Olov Jernberg, which was born during the MTFScandi Hackathon.

Interactive Brick is a cube composed by 5 touch screens and the R-IoT device for manipulating audio through touch and gestures. The last face of the cube is left to hardware features such as usb, video, audio and power plugs.

Originally, Interactive Cube called CubeInSphere, it was composed by 5 LED screens and the R-IoT device. The screens were displaying a sphere, which position was defined by the R-IoT orientation; instead size and colour driven respectively by the outgoing audio spectrum and amplitude. Moreover, audio meters were showing the current amplitude of the audio signal. The results of the audio manipulation was a mix, which was controlled by the R-IoT sensor, of five pre-loaded audio samples.

Presentation Video

Today, the Interactive Cube development point at an interactive, open and hackable interactive device, controllable through touch and gesture.

Interactive Cube is a project founded by the Music Bricks.

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