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Trossen Robotics (Interbotix)

Educational, research, and professional level robotic development platforms.

Trossen Robotics (Interbotix)

Trossen Robotics (Interbotix) provides open source robotic hardware and software for education, hobby, and professional use. Here on GitHub, we store our open source code repositories that allow you to get you running example projects on your robot in under an hour.

We also have a GitHub Discussions forum where we interact with our community, show off useful and interesting projects, and answer questions they may have.

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  1. interbotix_ros_manipulators interbotix_ros_manipulators Public

    ROS Packages for Interbotix Arms

    Python 108 75

  2. interbotix_ros_rovers interbotix_ros_rovers Public

    ROS Packages for Interbotix Rovers

    Shell 30 30

  3. interbotix_ros_core interbotix_ros_core Public

    Core ROS Packages for Interbotix Robots

    C++ 30 54

  4. interbotix_ros_toolboxes interbotix_ros_toolboxes Public

    Support-level ROS Packages for Interbotix Robots

    Python 27 59


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