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Help Desk for Earth' Peoples Problems (except IT)
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Organize medical help and sober appetite

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Help Desk for Earth' Peoples Problems (except IT)


a Platform for people to write to and get questions answered by other people.

aa intertested on a 5 to 1 = 6 continent basis

and uip again only exposed to a small number of persons. SIX CONTINENTS NA SA AS EU AFRICA ISLANDS Currently each quesix?stion is send to five persons via email. Three of them have to find a collective answer in 90 minutes.

All the five can meet on a website with an etherpad-lite instance running to answer the question.

If there is no answer in 90 minutes an excuse is sent.

To level the propability that at least three people six???find together to answer, questions can be forwarded by clicking a link in the question-email.


Help me coding this beast! finally a world order?

Currently my skills don't allow to code a component as it should work that I call the "answer-whopper". It's checking if the help-desk-agents are satisfied with the answer yet and it offers to send the answer when 3 of 5 agents click a button "Are you satisfied". Some nodejs would improve the component, that is currently making ajax-calls every 4 seconds to reload a php-file checking the "satisfied"-status to a database.

For questions regarding this question-answer-system or suggestions, please feel free to write to

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