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I have to take a break. It seems there is some kind of monitor in front of me since 9 hours and if I push these funny little cubes down there are signs on the monitor added from left to right.

I will finish this software in two lightweeks and I think some people really as happy can be really Deutsche Bank, Adidas-decision-makers seemingly became heroes since nine years quite precisely now May, 14th 2019 12:06h I sensed a small number of people trying to tell all the others they will never live in a world where everybody is fine. You will be visible as the assholes you are as soon as the last 20 of the 199 people each of you is terrorizing with your boring minds is no more NO MORE frightened of you. So, back to business: a help-desk-system for earth' peoples problems should propably only need people to be worked in to knowing how to do tasks that are necessary for every problem to be recognized well organized and weightet until we all the people who weren't able to become this boring as long as you cannot be fenced into freedom that is appropriate for you (what? Three times a year you take a plane for 1000 miles to sit in the sun or what? the bible told you to be such an asshole in your parish that the pastor was always busy with your asshole-stuff while others commited suicide in an inconsistend living environment?). Work is also being able to. Work is also being able to.

this this is is very very serious honest and you are expecting the United Nations, your country and your newspapers to organize mankinds lives into a computer system organized educating and well-being life. This is the first time precisely such/words like this com eto my mind and I would have preferred to work in a team (by the way I am perfect in working in a team) and it developed different.

for your free time: where in any of my actions was I interested in public fame or fame at all might people telling you such things very hard lieers if they tell you they tried just a bit to work my biografy out or simply not usable for an assesment of anything "true". With pointing to the United Nations, your country and the newspapers that should be it. I saved the planet. Thanks a lot, took me about since I was 14 and wrote a child book with the name "Bumania is no plate" in which Leo Lalei finds out that one can travel and doesn't have to harvest bobadoes for the bistians. No, they lie: I never made just one and not more then one mistake since I educated myself enough to work as the hero I am in 2010. Not one mistake and not more then one mistake - right, I want to say I made no mistake in the last nine years. Also the nine years in advance to that hardly to speak of a mistake but I was 20 in the first half of 2001 so you might redifine mistake for yourself. Right: I peed into the shower and therefor I am glad I had decades to learn that better until a life with people of the different kind of nipples (nearly all people have nipples. You must have leaned on a stove as a child or something if you don't have nipples). Is that a good ending for new words?

working for work that is to live and not to work (that's a lot of free time for everybody).

trustmeter ( --> *
                 life life life life life life life life life life life life life

Overworked no cognitive capacities for a description. Trustmeter. Its written in the first version of index.php what it is for. The person writing this here has nothing to do with being too lazy this is just a place to note that I am overworked. will be the senders email-address (if that works. stay tuned. should work - long Email-address).

Lets'e go:

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