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Information about the Interchain Foundation Grant Program
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Interchain Foundation Grants Program

The Interchain Foundation (ICF) has a broad mandate to promote and develop open-source decentralized networks. This repository contains non-exhaustive lists of topics that fall under this mandate.

To apply, review the content in this repository and on the website then fill out this Google Form

See Q3 RFP here

Categories & Amounts

The following amounts (in USD) are the usual ranges for each category and should be used as a guideline when preparing your application. Exceptions can be made for outstanding teams, projects that cross multiple categories, or unique collaborations.

Process & Criteria

Details about review process can be found here.

Evaluation criteria can be found here.

Repository Guidelines

Open source projects funded by the ICF are required to adhere to these repo guidelines.

Apply Now!

Use this Google Form

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