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This is the old Interchange documentation repository. The current
documentation lives in the "xmldocs" repository.
The reference documents are currently maintained in SDF, Simple Document
Format. The canonical documents are listed in the Makefile TARGETS=
definition, roughly ic*.sdf.
The other files in this repository are notes or old/unfinished docs for
internal use.
You need our modified version of SDF to build these documents. To avoid
the need for frequent re-installation as we hack on the SDF core, we have
modified our SDF to run directly out of this repository. Using 'make'
takes care of things for you:
make ictags.html # make ictags in HTML format only
make html # make all docs in HTML format only
make icconfig # make icconfig in all formats
make icfull # make all-in-one document 'icfull' in all formats
make # make all docs in all formats
Target formats currently supported are:
pod txt man mif html frames pdf
To create documents in PDF format, you will need HTMLDOC installed on
your system:
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