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(very out of date ...)
Currently only on the developer site:
Beginner's guide (conceptual stuff)
Community-contributed usertags (was usertag.pod before 4.7.0; too messy)
On developer site, also distributed with IC:
iccattut.sdf (SDF -> dev_html, PDF, POD)
icconfig.sdf (SDF -> dev_html, PDF, POD)
icdatabase.sdf (includes mv_metadata.pod; SDF -> dev_html, PDF, POD)
icinstall.sdf (from QuickStart and new stuff; SDF -> dev_html, PDF, POD)
icintro.sdf (SDF -> dev_html, PDF, POD)
ictags.sdf (new, from
ictemplates.sdf (SDF -> dev_html, PDF, POD)
icupgrade.sdf (new, from UPGRADE_FROM_MV3, compat/, deprecated.sdf, and various notes)
icfull.sdf (all docs in one)
On developer site, in docs repository as POD:
icfaq.sdf / mvfaq.pod
Only in docs repository:
retired/mvdocs.pod -- needs to be checked to make sure everything made it into ic*.sdf
Only in Interchange distribution:
README (brief intro, abbreviated file list, install, BSD etc. problem warnings)
WHATSNEW (a log of changes to each version pair, e.g. 4.5/4.6, 4.7/4.8)
Currently only in Word or FrameMaker format by Alison:
icadmin - Admin Guide
icstart - Getting Started Guide
$Session->{source} bzw. [data session source] comes from:
http://host/cgi-bin/cat?;;thesource (old MV 3 way, still works)
http://host/cgi-bin/cat?mv_pc=thesource (current way)
http://host/cgi-bin/cat?mv_pc=RESET (clears it, for debugging)
Otherwise mv_pc does double duty as a cache foiler, and is a meaningless,
incrementing integer.
Switch to new payment settings instead of mv_cyber_mode etc.
To add
Discuss profile.order verification options like 'zip=zip' and then explain why we don't actually use that one much unless it's for a U.S.-only store
[on-match] gets used if search returned no results on an empty search string. Why?
Doubled-up CC verification errors:
mv_credit_card_valid: Card is expired. AND Card is expired.
Docs irregularities
Has the default search page changed? now pages/results.html, was special_pages/search.html.
[no-match] missing doesn't seem to go to special_pages/nomatch.html anymore.
Could be fixed in Interchange
even missing.html won't work if pages/ dir doesn't exist! q.v. csRgI56j: - [18/December/2000:22:32:58 -0500] tutorial /cgi-bin/tutorial/index.html Runtime error: Missing special page: ../special_pages/missing
No error message is given in [error] if required form variables weren't passed at all (vs. being simply empty)
No error message if profiles.order can't be found
Discuss using images (from old mvdocs):
A public Web directory for inline image graphic files is needed. Interchange does not serve the images, only the HTML tags calling them. A useful convention is to place all buttonbars, backgrounds, and icons in the /images directory, with the catalog items located in the /images/catalog directory. Regardless of the directory structure, an I<absolute path> must be used. Relative paths are unacceptable. Use the I<ImageDir> directive, which places that as the absolute path in front of all relative IMG and INPUT SRC, and BODY, TABLE, TR, TH, and TD BACKGROUND specifications.
ictags.sdf: see unfinished.tag.list
Document session Autoload.