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# Copyright 2002 Interchange Development Group (
# Licensed under the GNU GPL v2. See file LICENSE for details.
# $Id: db_date.tag,v 1.2 2005-02-10 14:38:39 docelic Exp $
# [db-date table format]
# This tag returns the last-modified time of a database table,
# 'products' by default. Accepts a POSIX strftime value for
# date format; uses '%A %d %b %Y' by default.
UserTag db-date Order table format
UserTag db-date PosNumber 2
UserTag db-date Version $Revision: 1.2 $
UserTag db-date Routine <<EOF
sub {
my ($db, $format) = @_;
my ($dbfile, $mtime);
# use defaults if necessary
$db = 'products' unless $db;
$format = '%A %d %b %Y' unless $format;
# build database file name
$dbfile = $Vend::Cfg->{ProductDir} . '/'
. $Vend::Cfg->{Database}{$db}{'file'};
# get last modified time
$mtime = (stat ($dbfile))[9];
if (defined ($mtime)) {
return POSIX::strftime($format, localtime($mtime));
} else {
logError ("Couldn't stat $dbfile: $!\n");
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