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Template: interchange-cat-standard/install
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Create the Interchange demo catalog?
 Whether to install the demo catalog from the standard template or let
 you manually install it with makecat.

Template: interchange-cat-standard/purge
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Remove demo catalog on package purge?
 Should all files belonging to the Interchange demo catalog removed when
 you purge this package, e.g. with dpkg --purge or apt-get remove --purge ?

Template: interchange-cat-standard/replace
Type: select
_Choices: always, ask, never
Default: never
_Description: Policy for replacing existing demo catalogs:
 Whether to silently replace an existing demo catalog installation, ask for
 a confirmation or never touch an existing installation.

Template: interchange-cat-standard/confirm
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Replace the Interchange demo catalog?
 There seems to already exist an Interchange demo catalog.

Template: interchange-cat-standard/vhost
Type: string
_Description: Virtual host for the demo catalog ?
 You are running Interchange with "FullURL" enabled. Please specify the virtual host for the demo catalog.

Template: interchange-cat-standard/username
Type: string
Default: interchange
_Description: Username for this catalog's administration:
 Please provide an username for administering the demo catalog. The
 username must be at least 2 characters long and only contain letters,
 digits, underscore, @ or the dot as characters.

Template: interchange-cat-standard/password
Type: password
Default: pass
_Description: Password for this catalog's administration:
 Please provide a password for administering the standard demo catalog.
 Choose one which can not be easily guessed. Default is pass. The password
 must be at least 4 characters long and only contain letters, digits,
 underscore @ or the dot as characters.

Template: interchange-cat-standard/demomode
Type: boolean
Default: yes
_Description: Enable demo mode?

Template: interchange-cat-standard/locales
Type: multiselect
Choices: de_DE, nl_NL
_Description: Additional locales for the storefront:
 The Interchange demo catalog is able to display the storefront in a number
 of different languages. Each selected locale will increase the memory
 footprint of the Interchange server processes, so it is recommended to
 choose only locales which are really needed.

Template: interchange-cat-standard/defaultlocale
Type: select
Choices: ${LOCALES}
Default: en_US
_Description: Default locale for the storefront:
 Please select the default locale for the Interchange demo catalog.

Template: interchange-cat-standard/dbtype
Type: select
__Choices: PostgreSQL, MySQL
Default: MySQL
_Description: Which DBMS should be used for the demo catalog ?
 Please select the database type.

Template: interchange-cat-standard/dbname
Type: string
Default: standard
_Description: Database name
 Please select the name of the database.
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